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CuteHR's Fights Against COVID-19

CuteHR will be FREE for any number of users until this COVID -19 crisis ends. 

Cutehr fights against covid-19

Cutehr Response to COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus is a pandemic issue which the world was not prepared for. All big and small companies are struggling with this viral effect and nobody is prepared to deal with it at mass level. Training a large workforce for big companies is even more troublesome as the HR team was never prepared to manage such a big number remotely. 

We at CuteHR are in consistent touch with our customers and training them on how to tackle this remote management with our digital solution. We went with work from home option since the day one of this cause and now we have a hold over our daily business workflow.

Our results are even better than what we were able to archive while working as in house team. The reason is our project management tools, time tracker, project manager, request manager and many other integrated features that has helped us archive this success of working with team remotely. 


CUTEHR Goes FREE until COVID-19 Ends

So it’s time for us to help businesses to archive the same business goals that we are able to go through. Hence, we are happy to annoucne that CuteHR is going completely FREE for any number of users unitl this crisis ends. 

Its time for us to deliver our love to this world. We would be available to give you tech suppor over live chat and conference video or audio calls but we are commited to support. 

How CuteHR Is Managing Its Team Remotely

Our team started working remotely since the day one. Adopting to this digital management is possible for us using our application as we have been practicing work from home policy even before this pandemic situation. Infact Our parent company “Baseapp System” vision to build this tool was inclined towards managing team remotely while they had a need to work from home.  So this is how we are able to organize an easy workplace remotely.

If we can archive this then we can guide as well. 🙂 

Workplace Resources Against COVID-19 pandemic

Resources that will help you and your team to manage business and work.

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Post Coronavirus Recovery: 8 Best Workplace Practices To Follow.

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Frequently asked questions

CuteHR is taking this resposibility to help business to support the economy that is drowning due to slow and unproductive work going across the nation. Since we at CuteHR pledges to improve business productivity hence we are taking it as our personal responsibility to help businesses of every nation. 

Yes, all our previous paid clients and customers won’t need to renew or pay for extra users that they add after this announcement. 

CuteHR Subscription remains free until situation to fight against coronavirus improves. 

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