HR Software, Time Tracker, Employee Portal for Everyone

CuteHR is a highly professional cloud based Free HR software, Time tracker, employee portal with best features to support SMB’s

Simplify your HR process and streamline your growth process without wasting much time on repetitive tasks

Increase your HR productivity and reduce structural costs. Get more smart decision plans and focus on what really matters

With employee portal, make your employee workflow more systematic and help them manage their info, documents, leaves and other addons.

Fall in love with our employee Portal

Time Tracking

Get smart time tracking features for projects to manage employee work hours.

Attendance & Leave

Manage Holidays and Leave with our HR software.

Document Manager

Keep your important documents safe in the employee portal database.

Company Updates ( Calender )

Get all company event updates straight to your employee portal dashboard.

Project Manager

Make it easy for managers to track project deadlines and task accomplishments.

Employee Management System

Take advantage of the employee portal and manager your human resource productively.

Request Manager

Raise and resolve request within the team using the CuteHR employee portal.

Reports & Analytics

Get complete insights of all activite projects with smart reporting features and meet targets effectively

Encrypted and Secured Support

The CuteHR Employee Portal software is highly secured cloud based HR software.

Secure Encryption

256 Bit Encryption, SSL Secured

Security Firewall

We block those connections that are dangerous.

Your CuteHR Software is Different

CuteHR is your best solution for all HR needs. It handles all your data and documents with technical kindness. The simple features will help your business culture evolve.

HR Automation

With so many automated features with cuteness overloaded, Your CuteHR save your productive time.

Enable Employee Engagement

Your CuteHR is great in bond building within the organizations with easy and optimized collaborations.

Time tracker Tool

CuteHR Time Tracker help businesses to manage the project deadlines and also calculate total employee work hours for payrolls. 

Improve productive work hours and create an ideal, automated workforce management facility

Get employee portal dashboard to manage check in and check out facilities for time tracking.

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Give Yourself, a chance to know what’s going around in the Global HR industry. 

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