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Time Tracking

Get smart time tracking features for projects to manage employee work hours.

Attendance & Leave

Manage Holidays and Leave with our HR software and reach your business goals

Document Manager

Keep your important documents safe in the employee portal database.

Company updates and events icon

Company Updates ( Calendar )

Get all company event updates straight to your employee portal dashboard.

Payroll Management icon

Payroll Management

Manage your employees payroll according to your business contract with your employees.



Make your billing and payout lifecycle simple while focusing on what work you love.

Notification and Reminder icon

Notifications & Reminder

Get notified for all your business and work updates on which you are working.

time off management

Time Off Management

Create your own time off policies according to your business and policies.

Employee Onboarding

Your HR team can easily onboard new employees in your HRMS and deploy them in team.

biometric icon

Biometrics (On Demand)

Automate your attendance management with our biometrics technology.

Employee Management System

Take advantage of the employee portal and manage your human resource productively.

Request Manager

Raise and resolve request within the team using the CuteHR employee portal.

reports and analytics icon

Reports & Analytics

Get complete insights of all active projects with smart reporting features and meet targets effectively

Project Management icon

Project Manager

Make it easy for managers to track project deadlines and task accomplishments.

Performance Manager monitoring icon

Performance Monitoring

Keep LIve record of workforce activity and perforce during work hours.

GPS TRacking icon

GPS Tracking

Track your employee Online check In and Checkout location to avoid fake logins.

manager control icon

Manager Control

Manage your small teams with manager control to meet your business goals.

Self Onboarding

Your employees can get themselves on board with the team in CuteHR Dashboard by entering their details.

Seamlessly integrate CuteHR into your business process

  • Add Your Company and Employees on CuteHR Dashboard and invite them for self onboarding
  • Enter All Ongoing Projects and Add employees in those projects for work progress tracking
  • Assign tasks and allow your employees to track their tasks to build daily work reports.
  • Get endless live reports and track your business growth in a matter of clicks

Team Management, HR, Time Tracker & Employee Portal Software

CuteHR is a highly professional cloud based Free HR software, Time tracker, employee portal with best features to support SMB’s

Simplify your HR process and streamline your growth process without wasting much time on repetitive tasks

Increase your business productivity by managing your workforce working on your business projects from a single dashboard. 

With employee portal, monitor your employees live work activity with time tracker and get automated reports on work done.

Encrypted and Secured Support

The CuteHR Employee Portal software is highly secured cloud based HR software.

Secure Encryption

256 Bit Encryption, SSL Secured

Security Firewall

We block those connections that are dangerous.

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More About our Team Management & HR Software

What is an HR Software?

Hr software is an application that is generally a cloud-based software. These application helps small and medium scale business to automate their human resource. An hr software is generally employed by companies to boost their productivity by eliminating the unproductive repetitive task.This improves employee satisfaction and develop a healthy work live balance in the team. 

An effective Human resource application will integrate smart features like time tracking, employee portal with a management system, payroll, client management with a smart report generation methodology to keep records of all business goals. This is essential for any company to use time tracker to check employee performance and hence HR software helps in playing the main role. 

These HR Softwares are sometimes call as human resource management system (HRMS) or it is also called as Human resource information system (HRIS) or as human capital management (HCM). All these applications sound little different but they are all the same to a great extend and are used by businesses to improve their human resource functional for better growth. 

Project Management System

Project management can help you to analyze the opportunity cost and prioritize the projects because all the projects can’t be taken in a particular time. So at first, you’ve got to determine what type of project management software exactly you want. Project management software denotes the application that produces the project more efficient and was made to facilitate project delivery.

Time and budget tracking become simple to use, and that means you won’t require a distinct program for it. Reports are a massive portion of absolutely free project management software. Keeping track Of tasks gets secure with Project management software since it helps to keep an eye on all ongoing projects.

Why Use Human resource software or HR Software?

If you have ever been into a team of employee and contributed to a business growth, you must be aware about the human resource that have a major contribution towards business expansion. Imagine a situation where your business client needs a product development to be done in next 30 days but your team has the potential to do it in 25 days. A 5 days compensation is required in this situation but you cannot convey this to your client. You have to manage your team to allocate the task efficiently to meet the business goals in 30 days. 

Here, HR Software plays a smart role. With smart human resource application like CuteHR, Meeting deadlines and archiving high-quality productivity becomes automated with cutehr features like Time tracking with check-in and check-out features. All the billable and non-billable activities can be tracked and hence a report for each employee can be generated day, month and year wise to track employee performance. With attendance and holiday tracking facilities, the businesses can estimate their timeline and give an estimate to clients about the work hours. This feature enables the company owner or manager to schedule the holidays so that productivity is not affected. CuteHR is seamlessly amazing to allow the businesses to share unlimited documents and files with its powerful cloud-based sharing that enables them to get any documents accessed by authorized personal. This reduces wastage of unnecessary use of paper in the company and enable a green friendly business environment. 

Handling inbound request in the company gets easier with cutehr and requests can be resolved or attended directly between the concerned departments. This streamlines the daily business requirement between different department and allow healthy collaboration. The employee management system allows the manager to allocate the task with timelines that help in setting goals. These goals are tracked by the time tracker to keep an eye on work progress. With API Integrations and automated emailer, CuteHR keeps the user notified with all company updates and event that are upcoming within the team, department or business. The visibility of updates can be segmented as per requirement. Client management system in CuteHR enable the businesses to add their client on the cloud-based platform and generate work report client wise which can be shared with clients to keep them updated with their project activities. With these flawless and smart features, CuteHR automates all HR activities on a single platform allowing the small and medium scale businesses to meet their goals and scale their businesses to higher levels of growth.


What Problems does an HR and Project Management Software solves?

Let us consider three scenarios and challenges faced by CuteHR and how does these issues get resolved. 

Scenario 1: Tracking employee performance.

  • Problem: With small and medium scale businesses, it becomes difficult to keep track of how the employees are performing and whether the projects they are assigned, is being completed on time or not.
  • Solution: CuteHR helps the business owner to keep a track on productivity and the work that they are doing. It has a time tracking feature where the owner or manager can allocate the task to an employee, and they can track their allotted task with the timer, which only starts when they add the description. This description is the work that is allocated by manager.

Hence, any work under the team is tracked with time spent on completing that, and a report is generated daily to monitor work performance.

Scenario 2: Access to documents.

  • Problem: It has been surveyed in small and medium scale businesses that they have piled up documents in their storeroom with information about their employees personal and professional data. They often get misplaced or get damaged due to many issues.
  • Solution: CuteHR allows unlimited document sharing and uploading in its highly encrypted and secured cloud-based servers where the documents can be shared and accessible only with permissions and authority. The unnecessary document management work gets eliminated.

Scenario 3: Improve Employee engagement.

  • Problem: In any small and medium scale businesses, the employee’s performance decides the company growth, but the problem with these businesses is that they don’t contribute if their work culture is not managed well. The employee retention issues arise, and the best workforce starts taking exits.
  • Solution: With CuteHR Highly automated performance, the employees are regularly updated about what is happening in the company. They are notified with company growths, success, achievement which makes them feel proud about working in that organization. Moreover, to keep a calm, happy and collaborative environment, the CuteHR company updates keeps the employee updated about the upcoming festive events and birthday parties. These exciting updates keep employees motivated with expectations to grow happily in a pleasant business environment.

Many other business solutions can be met by CuteHR HR software solution.


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