CuteHR Features for Businesses

Discover smart features for CuteHR to boost your business growth remotely and manage your human resource. 

cutehr features

Here is what you can expect

CuteHR is a highly professional cloud based HR software with team management and monitoring tool to support SMB’s

Simplify your HR process and streamline your growth process without wasting much time on repetitive tasks

Increase your HR productivity and reduce structural costs. Get more smart decision plans and focus on what really matters

With employee portal, make your employee workflow more systematic and help them manage their info, documents, leaves and other addons.

Free Time Tracker

Track your project timelines and employee work hours with accuracy to accomplish goals on time.

Smart Timer

Use advance timer to handle project work duration 

Project/task tracking

Allow team to manage fixed hours allotment for projects. 

Employee time tracking

Facilitate employees login and Logout time for managing work hours. 

free time tracker feature cutehr

Project Manager

Manage all the project and task running in your company and archive efficient outputs on project completion.

Project Task Addition

Add or remove new projects in your workflow to keep records. 

Project wise Time tracking

Track all the project and team work from a single dashboard. 

Assign Projects

Manage all task allotment to concerned team or resources. 

Client Manager

Manage your client’s data and requirements.

project manager feature cutehr

Attendance & Leave Management

Keep well managed records off your resources attendance and leave data in well synchronized formats to ease your HR Process.

Leave Policy

Set your leave policies in advance. With edit rights to authorities only.


Help your resources, mark their daily presence for work. 

Leave tracker

Manage leave allotments to have a control towards team productivity. 

Leave Types

Allow resources to manage the types of leaves available or applied.

attendance manager feature cutehr

Employee Management System

Manage you new and old employee records with easy updation features that allow smooth HR management.

Employee Personal Details

Keep records of employee details that can be easily accessible. 

Profile details

Manage employees professional details and update or upgrade as required. 

Employee contract

Update and manage employee work contract for projects and task allocated, 

employee management feature cutehr

Unlimited Document Manager

Manage all your HR documents. Get access to required documents with all download and upload options.

Company Documents

Share business documents with resources. 

Employee Documents

Allow employees to Upload, download and manage documents.  

document manager feature cutehr

Request Manager

Generate requests for any business requirement to the concerned team or manager on time.

Time Off Manager

All managers to set time off in the request manager. 

Expense Request

Evoke request for expenses like events, resources etc.

Request Manager feature cutehr

Company Updates ( Calendar )

Enjoy keeping an key on what's buzzing in and around your company, events, celebrations to know your organization closely.

Company's Upcoming Event.

Keep track of all upcoming events in your organization. 

Birthday and Celebration

Never miss any celebration or birthday of your teammates.

Holiday Tracking

Keep track of the resources working on a particular date to manage the productive count. 

company update features cutehr

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