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CuteHR Features for Businesses

Discover smart features for CuteHR to boost your business growth remotely and manage your human resource. 

cutehr features

Here Is What You Can Expect

CuteHR is a highly professional cloud based HR software with team management and monitoring tool to support SMB’s

cutehr for HR

Simplify your HR process and streamline your growth process without wasting much time on repetitive tasks

CuteHR for Businesses

Increase your HR productivity and reduce structural costs. Get more smart decision plans and focus on what really matters

CuteHR For employee

With employee portal, make your employee workflow more systematic and help them manage their info, documents, leaves and other addons.

CuteHR Feature Overview

Report & Analytics

Invoice Generator

Payroll Manager

Emp. Onboarding

Time Off Manager

Survey Tool


Self Onboarding


Client Manager

Performance Monitor

GPS Tracking

[Coming Soon]

CuteHR Home Dashboard

CuteHR Home Dashboard

Inside CuteHR [Features In Detail]

Time Tracker

Check In & Out
Employee time tracking

Project Management System

Manage Projects
Monitor Projects

Attendance & Leave Management

Manage Attendance
Manage Leave

Request Management Systtem

Manage Request
Process Request

Employee Management System


Document Management

Upload Documents
Manage Documents

Applicant Tracking System

Automate Hiring

Company Update Portal


Reports & Analytics

Live Reporting
Readable Analytics

Invoicing and Payroll


Employee Onboarding


Time Off Management

Leave Policy

Survey Management

Recurring Survey
One Time Survey

Client Management

Client Onboarding
Client Management

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