This job description is for hiring a Network Technician. This template can be used to hire any
such person for this skill and to post it on various career and hiring websites to find the best
candidate for yourself or your organization.

The responsibilities of a Community Manager

Job brief of a Community Manager

We are looking for a qualified Community manager who can contribute his relevant skills and
expertise in achieving the goal of the team. If you are a professional, tech-savvy with experience
in social media, PR and promotional events, we would like to meet you and what more, hire you
For us, the ideal candidate will be the one who has exceptional oral and written communication
skills and who can develop engaging content. You should be a ‘people’s person’ with great
customer service skills blessed with the ability to moderate online and offline conversations with
our community.
Finally, you should be able to act as the face and voice of our brand and manage all community

Responsibilities of a Community Manager include

Requirements for the job role of a Community Manager

You can use this template for hiring your smart community managers and give the best candidates an opportunity to be your helping hand.