Finance and accounts happen to be a major part of an organisation because that is where the revenue and net earnings are accounted for. The company’s resources, assets and liabilities are all categorised under financial administration and it is indeed vital. A financial administrator is a professional who is in charge of the department aforementioned. He is responsible for the entire management of funds and equities. He will also be answerable for the short term as well as long term financial planning of the organisation. 

Job profile

We, at {company_name} are opening roles for the financial administrator at our firm. The person offered this role will be required to administer everything that goes around in the accounts department. He will be answerable for the financial planning and statements of the firm and their regular submission to the management. We are looking for finance enthusiasts who love to delve into the game of calculation and methodology for revenue maximisation. If you feel you satisfy the qualifications enlisted and are ready to take on the responsibilities we mention, we are waiting to have you on-board. 

Key responsibilities

Job requirements