This hiring specialist description template is optimized for posting on the online job website, careers pages or portals in order to draw in suitable applicants for your in-house recruiting and HR team. It is also easy to customize as per your company’s requirements. 

Responsibilities of a hiring specialist consist of

Job brief for hiring specialist

We are looking for a Hiring Specialist whose main tasks would be to source, attract, evaluate and then select/hire qualified and suitable candidates for various positions within our company and seniority levels.

The responsibilities of a hiring specialist consist of formulating short-term and long-term hiring plans, advertising our vacancies,  sourcing candidates both online and offline such as during career days, online portals among others. To be successful in this role, you should have hands-on experience of the full-cycle hiring procedures and solid communication skills.

Ultimately, your job is to ensure we offer a positive candidate experience and meet the hiring needs of our company. If found suitable as per this, we’ll be more than willing to meet you and give you an opportunity to work with us.