This job description is for hiring an HRIS Manager. This template can be used to hire any such person for this skill using this template and posting it on various career and hiring website to find the best candidate for yourself or your organization.

HRIS Manager responsibilities are inclusive of

● Evaluating and processing employee data like leaves, wages and working hours
● Supervising the daily operation of the complete HR Information Systems
● Onboarding new hires and maintaining their data like contact details etc.

Job brief of an HRIS Manager

We are looking for an experienced and skilled Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Manager who can join our team and supervise the operations and management of our HRIS department. The responsibilities of an HRIS Manager include processing and maintaining employee data, producing HR-related reports. Responsibilities also include ensuring compliance with relevant local and national regulations for which the ideal candidate should be adequately familiar with databases and HR software like payroll systems and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Apply today!

Responsibilities of an HRIS Manager

Requirements of an HRIS Manager