A kitchen porter is a professional employed in any kitchen, whether it a 5-star restaurant or a not-so-large food outlet nearby. A porter is given the responsibility of cleaning the kitchen along with basic food preparation and maintenance of kitchen management at a primary level. 

Job profile

We, at {company_name} are looking for kitchen porters as an integral part of our kitchen staff responsible for the cleanliness of the place and elementary help in the preparation of dishes. Hygiene and sanitation are considered to be essential attributes of a kitchen and you will be responsible for the same. From washing pots and dishes to sanitizing the arena where preparation is carried out, you will play your part in the provision of quality services to our customers. Consumer health is a prime concern for us and your service will be essential in catering to that. 

If you wish to begin your career working for the reputed firm that we are, do go through the responsibilities and skill-set we are looking for and apply at the earliest. 

Key Responsibilities of Kitchen Porters

Kitchen Porters Job Requirements.