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This job description is for hiring a maintenance supervisor. You can use this template to hire any such person for this skill using this template and posting it on various career and hiring website to find the best candidate for yourself or your organization.

Maintenance Supervisor Responsibilities

The maintenance supervisor’s responsibilities include some of the following points. 

  1. Identify the problems and do schedule maintenance of the workhouse or facilities allocated to him/her. 
  2. He/she will be responsible for hiring, recruiting and training another maintainer under his/her jurisdiction. 
  3. Allocating work to the scheduled workforce on time.

Brief about the Job description.

We are looking for a smart and talented maintenance supervisor for our company who would be leading the team of another fellow maintainer. His daily task would comprise of scheduling the work of his/her junior maintainer and also hiring and recruiting another smart batch of maintainer as required according to business needs. 

The supervisor must have a keen interest in crafts like carpentry, plumbing, etc.He/she must be a reliable person with strong technical knowledge and skills. The maintainer must have an excellent administrative hold over them and can handle on-time scheduling tasks with good leadership.

The prime vision to have a good maintenance supervisor is to keep our facilities at good and save conditions.


  1. Maintain quality standards, health and safety rules, and regulations. 
  2. Taking an active part in renovation and development activities. 
  3. Inventory monitoring and management would be a priority task.
  4. Recruiting the new maintainers and training them when required. 
  5. Supervise merchants, electricians, and other resources during any installation activities. 
  6. Working towards maintaining the budget and ensure compliance. 
  7. Scheduling daily tasks and sharing day-to-day work responsibility to the concerned resources or maintainer. 
  8. Carrying out regular inspection activity to avoid mishaps. 
  9. Coordinating with other ongoing projects.

What are the requirements of the maintenance supervisors?

  1. He/she must have past proven experience of the same role.
  2. Strong knowledge and hands-on skills in technical expertise.
  3. The maintainer must have valid professional certifications like CMRP or HVAC certified. They would be given preference. 
  4. A diploma and degree in the same field would be an added advantage. 
  5. We are looking for candidates with Good communication skills.
  6. He/she must be tech-savvy. 
  7. Understand, maintaining the budget, and ensure compliance.
  8. Sound knowledge of all health and safety-related compliance. 
  9. Leadership quality and taking initiate type of attitude would be welcomed.

You can use this template for hiring your smart maintenance supervisors and get the best candidates an opportunity to be your helping hand.