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This is a Recruiting Coordinator job description template. You can use this format for hiring a good candidate for your business, organization or team. Just edit it with your company name and you will be ready to hire candidates who are able to manage the full recruitment cycle for your company efficiently.

Responsibilities of a Recruiting Coordinator

Job brief for the position

We are looking for a talented Recruiting Coordinator to join our team and participate in the complete hiring process who will be involved from the beginning till the end of it. You will be responsible for attracting a pool of candidates, evaluating their resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews with them to further narrow down as part of the selection process to check competency as well as managing the hiring paperwork that is normally involved in such procedures.

Roles and Responsibility of recruiting coordinator.

As a recruiting coordinator, you should have a thorough knowledge of the best HR techniques and strategies, along with the ability to apply them creatively as per the work situation you are dealing with. If you have strong communication skills and are confident as a headhunter, we’ll be more than willing to meet you and give you an opportunity to work with us. We look forward to working with people who think ‘outside-the-box’, yet also give due acknowledgment to the traditional/tried and tested methods and who finish projects effectively within the given time frame. 

Ultimately, the aim is that you should be able to manage our full business recruitment cycle and ensure that our staff requirements are met as and when vacancies come up. 


Our Requirements

Use this template and hire the best candidate,