This SEO Manager job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards, careers pages or portals in order to draw in a pool of suitable candidates and are easy to customize as per your company’s requirements. 

Responsibilities of an SEO manager consist of the following

Job brief of an SEO Manager

We are looking for an SEO Manager to coordinate the SEO efforts of our business, which is inclusive of onsite and offsite optimization and keyword expansion research. You’ll also be expected to oversee paid search campaigns in order to ensure their successful completion and implementation.

We’re looking forward to working with an analytical and perceptive professional who is a smart communicator and has the capability to coordinate the efforts of various teams while giving a common direction to them all as per the company objectives and goals. It is important to understand that current knowledge of SEO practices, trends and techniques is very essential to the efficient working of this role.

All in all, your main goal will be to make sure that our content is search-engine friendly and optimized to increase our company’s digital footprint, accessibility/reach and hence its profitability. 

Responsibilities of an SEO Manager

Requirements for an SEO Manager