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Best Employee Onboarding Software Reviews

Get the 10 Best employee onboarding software Reviews to manage business onboardings successfully in 2020.

Employee Onboarding

Top 10 Best Employee Onboarding Software Reviews Of 2020

Employee onboarding is a software that give knowledge to new candidates about the company. Employees acquire knowledge about the skills and behaviour of the business. It enable employees with effective tools, documents, resources easily that help them to carry out their responsibility in most effective way. All the information are provided such as what is the growth opportunity, career option. Employee onboarding helps initial development of employees, employees are given orientation, in-classroom training and socialization. 

Below mentioned are some of the employee onboarding tools:

CuteHR Review

Home dashboard cuteHR

CuteHR is an HRMS application with advanced features of time tracking and Advanced Project management, employee management and automation abilities. It is designed to reduce manual activities and move towards automation tasks so that managers can manage their employees smartly and easily and improve the productivity of human resources. HR teams can easily onboard new employees in your HRMS and deploy them in a team. CuteHR Features let users work for many tasks on a single dashboard.

Some Unique Feature of CuteHR are

  • Document management
  • Employee monitoring
  • Applicant tracking management
  • Payroll management
  • Time tracking
  • And many more

This application is best for

  • You can raise request like task under any project, ask for leave and request the same from manager or concern persons. 
  • Allow your employees to mark their daily presence or any past or upcoming absence through the software.
  • Make all leave policies available for employees to avoid any imbalance in daily project targets due to the unavailability of resources. Under CuteHR, the managers or concerned authority gets the right to update any leave policy.
  • Leave tracker helps in managing records related to the total leave available and hence track the allocated resource availability to meet the project goals.
  • Predefined the leave types and let the employees track their available leaves under different categories of defined leave types.

CuteHR Pricing

CuteHR Comes with

  • A free version of up to 10 users for a lifetime.
  • Monthly 3 Dollars per user if you are subscribing for more than 10 users.
  • The yearly plan comes with 2 dollars per user if you are subscribing for more than 10 users.

Check complete pricing details here: CuteHR Pricing

CuteHR is a cloud-based application and can be used from any location.

Teachlr Organization

Teachlr Organizations is a solution that helps the users in navigating the organization or its app easily. It is an array of tools which is used to train the employees and customers. it also helps the organisation to track if the users are responding well to courses through the progress reports. It helps in creating courses for the customers, track progress reports and generate certificates under a single platform. The interface of the teachlr organization can be customized which would provide a concise and consistent experience to its users. It can also behold the users attention regardless of their position as the brand logo and the company’s colour can be used throughout the solution.

Some Unique feature of Teachlr are:

  • Content management
  • Video conferencing
  • Private conversation
  • Customized platform
  • And many more

Teachlt Pricing

  • For detail pricing contact vendor

HR Partner Review

HR Partner is a cloud based user-friendly Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that is developed for making the work of HR easy thus saving his time and workload. It streamlines essential HR processes thus saving his time and effort. It is a software that acts as a secure employee information storage hub where personal records can be maintained. The employees can use this to access and edit their profile with great ease. It is an effective tool for making schedules, time off, vacations and absence can be managed in a single location. There is no need for spreadsheets or paper files. You don’t need to install the software as it is cloud based. Thus you can have access to the company’s documents anytime and anywhere with great ease saving both time and effort.

Some Unique Feature of HR Partner are

  • Attendance management
  • Document management
  • Time tracking
  • Applicant tracking
  • And many more

HR Partner Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • 1-35 Employees – $100/month
  • 36-50 Employees – $140/month
  • 51-75 Employees – $200/month
  • 76-100 Employees – $250/month

Userlane Review


userlane is an application that trains new users and employees. It is an onboarding application having one line of code. It provides automated, personalized, and gamified training to its users. It helps businesses to boost its employee engagement. The training process is simple and Automatic which helps in cutting the costs of staff onboarding and making the process an interactive one. The learning is made convenient as it is assisted by a step-by-step process. It provides gamified training that helps in making the learning process an enjoyable one. It also provides a virtual assistant.

Some Unique Feature of Userlane are

  • Training Steps Recording
  • In-App Virtual Assistant
  • Real-Time Training
  • Gamification Techniques
  • Browser-Based App Integration

Userlane Pricing

  • For detail pricing contact vendor

Iridize Review


Iridize is an enterprise onboarding and engagement platform that creates interactive product guides for the training of the employees and web users. The platform aims to increase product adoption and create a healthy and happy customer base. It helps to train anytime and anywhere helping in achieving the goals in less time and effort and even least cost. It is cloud based software. It works smoothly with other key systems such as with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Sharepoint. It has a high client base which includes leading companies in the banking, insurance, software, e-commerce, and consumer goods manufacturing industries.

Some Unique feature of iridize is:

  • Visual analytics
  • Time tracking
  • Embedded forms
  • Personalized guide
  • And many more

Iridize Pricing:

  • For detail pricing contact vendor

Agile HR Review

Agile HR dashboard

Agile HR is a new and exciting concept introduced. It is really flexible and is adaptable. It is quite responsive in nature. As it is a new concept, it comprises many shortcomings but overall it is a very good concept. It provides us with certain benefits like candidate matching, job and culture promotion. Also it is a fully automated system which enables new hires to submit their documents easily.

Some Unique Feature of Agile HR are

  • Candidate management
  • Social networking posting
  • Employee portal
  • Goal setting
  • Time tracking
  • And many more

Agile HR pricing

  • For detail pricing contact vendor

PeopleDoc Review

PeopleDoc dashboard

Peopledoc is an excellent choice of software for HR services delivery. There are several features like file management and employee management provide great aid. New workers can sign documents electronically and the notifications. It has brought a lot of ease and it is an effective idea brought in the field of HR. 

Some unique feature of PeopleDoc are

  • Advance analytic
  • Process automation
  • File management
  • Employee survey
  • And many more

Requestor Pricing:

  • Contact vendor for detail pricing


CivicHR is an application that helps local government units enabling them to find talents, recruit personnel and onboard new employees. It is designed for local government units which acts as a solution for integrated human resource management. It is really easy to use and helps the government to find talents, recruit personnel, and onboard new employees. It also assures that the hiring process undertaken by the local government is in line with the regulations set by public organizations. The data of the applicant is organized in a searchable, secure, and centralized database which helps the local government units to access them anytime and anywhere.

Some Unique feature of CIVICPLUS are

  • Document management
  • Performance management
  • Time and attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Training management
  • And many more


  • For detail pricing contact vendor

Lumesse Review

Lumesse is a platform that serves as talent management and talent acquisition solution. It helps global organizations to recruit talent management, make them learn and develop challenges through which they can identify and nurture right people at the right time and right place .It trains the people from different backgrounds to work as a team thus making the differences between them a strength.

Some Unique feature of Lumesse are

  • Learning and skill development
  • Performance and coaching
  • Platform intelligence and insights
  • Recruiting and on boarding
  • And many more

Lumesse Pricing

  • Contact vendor for detail pricing

JSimple Review

JSimple dashboard

Jsimple is a technology that helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the HR. it brings out new and innovative technologies that help in solving the HR business challenges. It understands the clients process and then uses new technologies to help the client in making these processes simpler and easier.

Some Unique Feature of JSimple are

  • Applicant tracking management
  • Performance management
  • Compensation management
  • Customer software development
  • And many more

JSimple Pricing

  • Contact vendor for detail pricing

Employee Onboarding Software Comparison

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