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Free Time Tracking Software

The best time tracking software that will improve your daily work productivity. It will help you accurately measure your task and its associate time taken and avoid wasting time on unproductive works.  

time tracker dashboard

FREE Time Tracking Software Benefits

Capture valuable work hours with time tracker and use them to improve your workforce management. Handle multiple project timeline on a single dashboard and ease your HR process.

Facilitate the start and stop work hour culture for employees to improve the total productive work hours. This will help deciding the payroll for projects allocated to the resources.

With project tracking, it allows the managers and HR team to analyse the correct work culture for the kind of project and set realistic target to archive task accomplishment.

FREE Time Tracking Software features

Time tracker icon CuteHR

Time Tracking

Get smart time tracking features for projects to manage employee work hours.

Work hours tracking

CuteHR allows you to track time according to specific works in an ongoing project

check in check out attendance management system

Check-IN & Check-Out

Since CuteHR is a cloud based time tracker tool so it allows you to track time remotely as well

Project Manager

Project time tracking

You can track project wise time and make estimate for reaching goals with generated reports

gps based time tracking

GPS Based Time Tracking

Find from which place your employees logged in and out and from which device.

Time Tracking Reports

The software allows you to generate daily reports on work done project and task wise for all employees.

FREE Time tracking tool

More about CuteHR FREE Time Tracking Software.

What is a Time tracking Software?

Time tracker tool is a software that can help users to keep records of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly task. It allow employee and employer to stay updated with their timelines and reach business goals on time. Being productive is easy when you know what task is adding value and which work is eating your productive work hours. With a tool like this, you can eliminate all unwanted or repetitive assignment that can improve your output and help you meet better business goals. 

According to wikipedia, time tracking software belongs to a computer software that allows any business or employees to keep record of their time spent on works or projects. These applications are commonly used by hourly workers in a company or like freelancer time tracker.

How CuteHR Free time tracking software works?

Cutehr project time tracking app helps you too record daily task and time used for it. When you login to your dashboard, you follow these steps which can improve your productivity. 

  1. Hit on the Check In Button on the dashboard. This counts for your daily attendance, 
  2. Go to the timer tab. 
  3. Enter your work description. 
  4. Add your project on which you are working. 
  5. Mark the dollar sign as checked if it is payable task.
  6. Hit the start button to start your time tracking for that particular task under the selected project. 

This way, you can keep a track record of your daily task and can go to the report section to identify which work or project is consuming your time more. If the work that is unproductive is taking more of your time then you can manage your time for more effective output. 

What problems does a time tracking software solve?

Let us consider three scenarios and challenges faced by CuteHR and how does these issues get resolved. 

Scenario 1: Tracking employee activity

  • Problem:  From any small, medium to large scale businesses, it is difficult to keep a direct observation on which employee is giving its full time and efforts during work hours. Sometimes employees skip workplaces and waste productive work hours. 
  • Solution: CuteHR time tracker helps the employer keep an indirect observation on employees work hour activity. The amount of time they spent on any task assigned to them or the project is calculated as long as they are check in during workplace work hours. This helps businesses to get better productivity from employees with all business requirements meeting on time, 

Scenario 2: Tracking projects and estimates

  • Problem:  In any business when the number of projects increases, it becomes difficult to identify when would goals be reached. If there is no proper project estimation is done then their is a possible delay on meeting business goals. 
  • Solution: With cutehr free time tracker tool, you can track the daily work done under the projects and keep a track record of the percentage of work accomplished. Using this, it becomes easier to estimate the approx time of project completion. 

Likewise many other business solutions can be meet with CuteHR complete packpage which is completely free for small businesses that needs a saas for their HR.