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Best Business Reports and Analytics Software Reviews 2020

Get the 10 best Business Reports and Analytics applications to manage business in 2020

Reports and Analytics cUTEhr

Top 10 Best Reports and Analytics software reviews 2020

Versatile Computing Reporting and Analytics apparatus empowers associations to stream in monstrous measures of outstanding task at hand and asset use information to pick up bits of knowledge that improve asset usage and proficiency, scope quantification, and help to adjust assets to mission destinations.

REPORTS: The way toward sorting out information into educational synopses so as to screen how various regions of a business are performing.

ANALYTICS: The way toward investigating information and reports so as to remove important bits of knowledge, which can be utilized to all the more likely comprehend and improve business execution.


Some Of Reports And Analytics Companies Are Discussed Below:


work report dashboard cuteHR

CuteHR is a cloud-based software with several features like document management, project management, payroll management, time tracking, etc. Report and analytics help in giving complete insight of all active project and smart reporting feature and meet target efficiently.

Some Unique features of CuteHR are.

  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • And many more.

This application is best for

  • Maintenance and supervision of the business human resources.
  • Calculation and timely payment of termination payments. 
  • Proper checking and regular updation of the employee database including all the payment details. 
  • Ensuring the payment of tax withholding for every employee.

CuteHR Pricing

CuteHR Comes with

  • A free version of up to 10 users for a lifetime.
  • Monthly 3 Dollars per user if you are subscribing for more than 10 users.
  • The yearly plan comes with 2 dollars per user if you are subscribing for more than 10 users.

Check complete pricing details here: CuteHR Pricing

CuteHR is a cloud-based application and can be used from any location.

Exchange Reporter Plus Review

Microsoft exchange reporter plus is an application used for communication, collaboration and email messaging. It is online based reporting and analysis tool which offers statistics and analytics such as mailbox size growth rate, delivery times by servers, server usage pattern, and mail traffic analysis. It increases efficiency in analyzing and supervising your email communication infrastructure. It helps you in keeping a track of your company’s emails and also keeps spam away from your company’s active directory mailboxes. It provides you with better security and helps you locate any unauthorized logon attempts or any changes made to your mailbox permissions with Exchange server audit reports. Exchange reporter plus presents reports in an easy format in the blink of eye and exports these in different formats such as .xls. pdf, csv, html etc.

Some Unique features of Exchange Reporter Plus

  • Exchange Audit Reports
  • Exchange ActiveSync Reports
  • Outlook Web Access Reports
  • Mailbox Properties Reports
  • Mailbox Size Reports
  • And many more.

Exchange Reporter Plus Pricing

The pricing given below is for annual license only.




25 Mailboxes


100 Mailboxes



200 Mailboxes



500 Mailboxes



1000 Mailboxes



2000 Mailboxes



3000 Mailboxes



5000 Mailboxes



10000 Mailboxes



20000 Mailboxes



30000 Mailboxes



50000 Mailboxes





Limestats Review

It is a software  developed primarily for businesses that sell on the eBay Marketplace platform. This helps the users to gather rich business data from their sources as well as competitors through a data driven approach. Users have the ability to see its business performance and have a clear picture of what its competitor is selling and how their sale is growing. It helps in finding solutions on how to improve performance, increase sale and dominate the ebay market place. It makes selling easy as you will have an advantage over your competitors and will help you in identifying and focusing on the product that will be sold more thus increasing profitability of the firm.

Some Unique features of Limestats

  • Detailed Analytics & Metrics
  • Product Level Insights
  • Groups Duplicate Titles
  • Data-Driven Strategy
  • Identify best sale price
  • Monitor Promotions and Resellers.

Limestats Pricing

  • Free Trial not available
  • Startup – $39.99/month
  • Standard – $69.99/month
  • Enterprise – $99.99/month

CXAir Review

CXAIR Platform dashboard

Connexica are a UK based data and business analytics software platform which helps organisations across Finance, Healthcare and Retail to drive their organization based on facts and not guess work. It has both cloud-hosted and on-premise installation options, helping organizations transform disconnected and fragmented data sets into one consolidated information asset. It helps organizations in decision making through accurate information. CXAIR can generate and customize a wide range of reports according to roles of the user. To make sure that the data is only with authorized users, data access privileges could be set. It aims to create next generation data discovery solution to meet the ever changing needs of their customers.

Some Unique features of CXAir

  • Data Rules
  • Data Classification
  • Advanced Security
  • Ad hoc Searching
  • Crosstabs
  • Dash boarding
  • And many more.

CXAir Pricing

Contact vendor for detail pricing.

Visitor Analytics Review

Visitor Analytics Dashboard

Visitor Analytics is a simple and straightforward data analytics software which is user-friendly alternative to Google Analytics and to other complicated web analytics tools. It provides users with a real time statistics of the users visiting your site, using a clean interface, without cluttered graphs and overwhelming data. The users can retrieve information they need through the statistics and indicators displayed on the dashboard. 

Visitor analytics helps users to see into their visitors’ experience, thoroughly analyze each visitor’s action and behavior, and derive high-quality insights. These insights then help users further improve their visitors’ overall journey. It is a simple platform for people having little technical background which helps them comprehend website analytics and statistics.

Some Unique features of Visitor Analytics

  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Website Stats, Charts, and Graphs
  • Supports 20 Languages
  • Visitor Behavior and History
  • Traffic Geolocation
  • Traffic Analytics
  • And many more.

Visitor Analytics Pricing

    • Free Trial
    • Basic – $5.83/month
    • Advanced – $9.16/month
    • Pro – $19.08/month
    • Pro Plus – $29.04/month

Zoho Analytics Review

SAGE 50Cloud dashboard view

Zoho Analytics is cloud-based online reporting, business intelligence and data analytics tools that creates data visualizations and generate actionable business insights. It offers several applications within its suite, including dashboards, analysis, reporting, data warehousing and more. it helps in creating a customized dashboard through drag-and-drop interface, charts, widgets and more. it provides real time visibility into various aspects of the business. The team members can share data with each other, collaborate on tables and reports which can be published and viwed by other teammates. 

Zoho Analytics is compatible in Windows, Mac, and iPad devices with and works with the help of active internet connections.

Some Unique features of Zoho Analytics

  • Reports and dashboards
  • Self-service BI
  • Embedded analytics
  • Query tables
  • Layouts and themes.

Zoho analytics Pricing

    • Free Trial
    • Free Plan – Free
    • Basic – $22.50/month
    • Standard – $45/month
    • Premium – $112.50/month
    • Enterprise – $445.50/month
    • Personal Edition (On-Premise) – Free
    • Professional Edition (On-Premise) – $2,395/year

Upsolver Review

Upsolver Dashboard

Upsolver is a software that provides data lake platform that simplifies and accelerates data streaming from various sources into useful and reliable analytics. It eliminates the need of spending huge amount of time and money which is required to store, process and consume streaming data. It is an extremely powerful and speed data lake platform that can handle and stream petabytes of data into analytics in just minutes. It uses highly advanced processing algorithms. Upsolver has a drag and drop interface that helps to stream and transform data into actionable analytics. it support multiple formats such as json, csv/tvs, avro etc. enabling input and output format. It helps in maintain a  high-performance data lake on the AWS cloud with minimum cost and effort.

Some Unique features of Upsolver

  • Build-it integrations
  • Data Delivery in Various Formats and Databases
  • Extraction of geo data from IPs
  • Data Monitoring.

Upsolver Software Pricing

  • For detail pricing contact vendor


DataMelt is an open-source multi-platform and portable data analytics software. it is used for numeric computation, statistics, analysis of large data volumes and scientific visualization.  It helps users to analyze and visualize large volumes of data and perform scientific, statistical, and mathematical calculations. It is widely used by engineers, scientists, financial analysts, researchers, and students. It works on different programming language unlike other statistical programme which are restricted to single programming mostly runs on java programming. It helps in creating high-quality vector-graphics images (SVG, EPS, PDF etc.) that can be included in LaTeX and other text-processing systems.

Some Unique features of Datamelt

  • Multiple Scripting Languages
  • Open-Source JAVA Packages
  • Statistical, & Numeric Computation
  • Scientific & Symbolic Calculation
  • Data Analysis.

Datamelt Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • Free – $0
  • One-Time Membership Fee – $20.


Zepto is a data analytics tool which is simpler than other similar platforms. It is AI-driven business intelligence tool. It generates comprehensive dashboards complete and derive insights from their business data. it can be done in 3 simple steps. To proceed one has to upload their structured tabula data into zepto and then add the question what they want to know about their data. zepto will then analyze the data and generate the dashboard. Zepto helps in analyzing data in simple methods using the AI tool thus no need of having extensive data analysis. Zepto works on every modern browser but doesn’t support the old internet explorer version.

Some Unique features of Zepto

  • AI-Powered Engine
  • Search Functionality
  • AI-powered advanced forecasting & predictive models
  • Dashboards
  • Collaboration Tools
  • And many more.

Zepto Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • Basic – $69/user/month
  • Team – $245/team/month
  • Corporate – Contact Vendor

IBM Business Analytics Review

IBM Business Analytics Dashboard

IBM Business Analytics is an AI based integrated suite of business analytics tools. It helps small and large business organizations to increase efficiency and proficiency and maximize the value of their data, unearth insights, build plans and respond in real-time to customer demand.  IBM business analytics gives better and in-depth insights into the business processes. It also provides a predicted information which will help in preparing for the future hence helps in decision making of the business. It has an important role in the finance of the business enabling the business to enhance its performance.

Some Unique features of IBM Business Analytics

  • Planning Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics.

IBM Business Analytics Pricing

  • For detail pricing contact vendor.

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