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Best Employee monitoring Software Reviews 2020

Get the 10 best Employee monitoring software to manage business human resource in 2020

employee monitoring cutehr

Top 10 Best Employee Monitoring Software Reviews 2020

Employee monitoring software helps to managers to monitor all employee activities through different tools to increase productivity of the company. Mangers track employee performance, track trade activities, detects frauds. Managers can track how much time an individual is spending on work related and non work related work. This software can track keystroke logging, wiretapping, GPS tracking, and internet monitoring. By using this software companies have increased their efficiency and reduce wastage of time. There is no data loss as all the data are saved in cloud. Other feature that one can get is audio and video recording. Individuals can check their progress report from time to time. 

Some of the employee monitoring tools are discussed below:


cutehr dashboard

CuteHR is an HRMS application with advanced features of time tracking and Advanced Project management, employee management and automation abilities. It is designed to reduce manual activities and moving towards automation tasks so that managers can manage their employees smartly and easily and improve the productivity of human resources. CuteHR Features let users work for many tasks on a single dashboard.

Some Unique features of CuteHR are.

  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Payroll management
  • Time tracking
  • Biometric
  • And many more

This application is best for

  • Maintenance and supervision of the payroll system and record of leaves applied and received. 
  • Calculation and timely payment of termination payments. 
  • Proper checking and regular updation of the employee database including all the payment details. 
  • Ensuring the payment of tax withholding for every employee.

CuteHR Pricing

CuteHR Comes with

  • A free version of up to 10 users for a lifetime.
  • Monthly 3 Dollars per users if you are subscribing for more than 10 users,
  • The yearly plan comes with 2 dollars per users if you are subscribing for more than 10 users,

Check complete pricing details here: CuteHr pricing

Kickidler Review

Kickidler dashboard

Kickidler is a powerful employee monitoring software with automation based control of personal information, security of employees. Kickidler provides you with real-time access of computer screen of your employees with kickidler online employee monitoring program. It also provides you with amazing work time tracking, productivity analysis feature. Kickidler also comes with advance security and violation control feature so that you can track that there is no violation of  policy of  you company is going on behind your back.  It also gives you screen recording to see history of your employees screen. Which helps you to increase the efficiency of your employees and keeps you tension free while you are not around the office?

Some Unique features of Kickidler

  • Time tracking
  • Online Employees Monitoring
  • Employee Activity Recording
  • Productivity Fluctuations Report
  • Time Tracking
  • Work Time Logging
  • And many more.

Kickidler Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • Per Month – $9.99/month
  • Per 3 Months – $24.00/quarterly
  • Per 6 Months – $30.00/bi-annually
  • Per Year – $50.00/year
  • Per 3 Years – $100.00/3 years
  • Lifetime – $187.00/month

Spyrix Review

Spyrix dashboard

Spyrix is one of its kind employee monitoring software as it is best known for its key logger feature intended to use for employees of the company and children’s  but spyrix online monitoring system also gives you the status of your employees online social media activity. Spyrix send you a detailed report of your employees activity on daily basis no matter you are anywhere in the world. Spyrix record all the chats, websites, ideal time, screen, keystrokes that an employee is using. This software also has a feature of audio and video recording as well as screenshots. Spyrix Employee Monitoring alerts users when specific keywords are being printed and allows them to turn applications into the invisible mode.

Some Unique features of Spyrix

  • Time Management
  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Computer activity recording
  • Website filtering
  • and many more.

Spyrix Pricing

  • Spyrix Personal monitoring-$59.
  • Spyrix personal monitoring pro- $69.
  • Spyrix Employee Monitoring- $149 for 5 PC

Oplift Review

Oplift dashboard

Oplift is a cloud-based software that help to monitor, train, improve productivity of a business. This software helps to connect with people easily on real time. Through microplus learning it become easy to train and educate employees. Employess can centralize their task, contact details and documents. Auditing becomes easy because of centralizes app. All the information are shared on real-time basis. All the defected spreadsheet are eliminated automatically. All the onboarding process are done on single dashboard which make new hiring simple and time saving. Maintain a fully-compliant workplace. Devices Supported Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-based.

Some Unique features of Oplift

  • Information Alerts
  • Feedback & Coaching
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Insights Capture
  • Task Creation & Assignment
  • Scored Standards

Oplift Pricing

For detail pricing contact vendor

Staffcop Enterprise Review

Staffcop is an intelligent employee monitoring software. Staffcop helps companies to monitor each and every activity of their employees. Staffcop is generally famous for intelligently detecting and reporting any insider threats by its intelligent analysis feature. It records and analyse every activity done on the computer on an employee like chats, emails, websites search, application and even cookies. The system also creates an automatic data visuals and reports so that user can easily understand and analyse the reports. As it is a budget friendly tool so it is best suited for SMEs.

Some Unique features of Staffcop Enterprise

  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Event Alerts Systems
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Security Incident Investigation
  • Time Tracking
  • And many more.

Staffcop Enterprise Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • 3-Month License – $175/5 users
  • Annual License – $350/5 users
  • Perpetual License – $490/5 users.

Employee Trail Review


Employee Trail is a cloud based employee monitoring software. It provides user with simple and user-friendly interface due to which it becomes easy to deploy this system within the organisation. It can track the most popular applications used within the organisation by the employees and automatically capture screenshots whenever necessary. Employee trail is also being awarded with premium usability award in 2019 for its vigorous monitoring tools.

Some Unique features of Employee Trail

  • Employee Activity Tracking
  • Industry-Specific Compliance
  • Operational Efficiency Improvement
  • Activity Transparency
  • Productivity Comparison.

Employee Trail Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • Basic – $3/month
  • Advanced – Contact vendor.

Ekran System Review

ekran-system dashboard

Ekran system is a universal tool to monitor and detect any third party integration or inside threats. Ekran provides you with user activity control which means you can not only monitor the activity but you can also control the activity by just deploying ekran within your organisation. Each user seasion is recorded in video format and index with captured Meta data so it becomes easy to search with multiple parameters.  Ekran system gives you the power of forensic expert video analysis to analysis any insider threat and take required action. It is also equipped with threat alert reminders for any potential threat.   

Some Unique features of Ekran System

  • History Tracking
  • Virtual Screen Monitoring
  • Employee Productivity Analysis
  • Website Monitoring
  • Third-Party Integration
  • and many more.

Ekran System Pricing

  • Free Trial for 30 days
  • Contact Vendor for detail pricing.

Monitask Review

Monitask dashboard

Monitask is both cloud and on-premises based employee monitoring software. Monitask is best suited for the organisations which employ a remote workforce, as it has the time logging, random screenshot, app usage tracker and fast reporting features. Monitask was also awarded with great user experience award by finance online in 2018 for its fast and accurate time tracking and reporting system. 

Some Unique features of Monitask


  • Employee log in log out time
  • Screenshots
  • App usage tracker
  • Project management
  • Website tracking
  • And many more.


Monitask Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • Professional Version – $2.99/user/month

Rescue Time Review

Rescue Time DASHBOD

Rescue time is cloud base software designed for every kind of business. Managers can track their employees’ online activity as well as the websites they are using. Managers can customize the screen for every individual and can check the project status on a real-time basis. Manager can block website which is of no use so that employees do not waste their time and focus more on work. This software provides full security of the confidential data of the employees. Email recording helps to prevent leakage of confidential emails and get a better idea of email communication. Users can track their day to day work and see their productivity.

Devices that support rescue time are 

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Some Unique features of Rescue Time

  • Website tracking
  • Website filtering
  • Progress monitoring
  • Reminders
  • And many more

Rescue Time Pricing

  • Free Trial
  • RescueTime Lite
  • Free
  • RescueTime Premium
  • $9/month/user

InterGuard Review

InterGuard DAshboard

Interguard is one of its kind employee monitoring software which is best suited for medium and large organisations. Interguard is easy to setup and use system as you can control it with any single device and from anywhere in the world. Intergaurd gives you access to the daily loggings and report of your employees by the detailed reports that each employee is spending how much time on what work. Intergaurd is one of the very easy to use system as it have the most simple interface and single device operation. 

Devices that support InterGuard are 

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Some Unique features of InterGuard

  • Applications Management
  • Video Playback and Screenshots
  • Real-time alerts
  • Screen Monitoring
  • Keystroke Monitoring
  • Time Tracker
  • and many more

InterGuard Pricing

  • Free Cloud Trial
  • Cloud Hosted- $9.00/user/month* with an annual contract of 11+ users.
  • Enterprise on Prem- Get a quote

Employee Monitoring Tools Comparison

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