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Attendance & Leave Management

Manage daily holidays and presence of employee. Get rid of paperwork and start using automated process to manage daily records and prevent project escalations. 

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Attendance & Leave Management Benefits

Manage your daily attendance records for working and non working employees. This is integrated with CuteHR Payroll that helps in salary invoice generation according to employees working days. 

Allocation of leaves in order to manage the daily workforce task and project deadlines become easier as you can manage a definate leave policy defined by your organization and allow employees to manage their holidays.

You can predefined your business leave policies in CuteHR attendance and leave management system that allows you to control business deadlines and project completion as employee get complete information of their leave availability and can plan accordingly. 

Attendance and Leave Management features

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Mark Daily Attendance

Using smart check in and checkout feature, your employees can mark attendance.

Request Leave

Apply for leave as per leave policy defined in the management system of CuteHR.

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Track Attendance

Tracking all leave and attendance become easier as all data displays on dashboard.

Project Manager

Manage Payrolls

Attendance and leave system is integrated with payroll and invoice feature.

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Define Leave Types

You can define leave types according


Get complete reports of attendance and leave in representable format.

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More about CuteHR Attendance and Leave Manager

What is a Attendance and Leave Management tool?

Attendance and leave management System is a tool that helps businesses to manage the workforce holidays. This is an excellent way to give a perfect work life balance to employees. If your employees are satisfied with their working ecosystem as well as having the perks of good holiday management then you are definitely creating a good ecosystem. 

With attendance and leave management system, you are able to define the holiday and leave policy for your employees. If this is not managed properly then you may find it difficult to reach your business goals as employee strength may find variable presence and absence leading to challenges like less workforce at a time working on project, poor work accomplishments and much more. 

So, all these challenges are met by attendance and leave management systems. According to Wikipedia, Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime.

How CuteHR Attendance and Leave Management System works?

CuteHR Attendance and Leave management system works in easy and simple manner. You just need to get into the dashboard of cutehr to get started. Let’s understand a short guide,

  1. Login to CuteHR.
  2. Click on check in. This will mark your attendance for the day. 
  3. If you wish to check your attendance report, just go to reports>attendance. You will find all your past attendance data. 
  4. To mark your holiday, you can raise request from Request tab in the sidebar and apply for holiday. 
  5. All raised request reaches to manager via notification and emails. 

With this seamless and easy to understand dashboard, an organization can easily manage their workforce using cutehr attendance and leave management system.

What problems does a time tracker solve?

Let us consider few scenarios and challenges faced by organization and how CuteHR can solve these issues?

Scenario 1: Tracking Holiday

  • Problem:  With times like national or internation festivals, a lot of employees tends to take long week holidays. Festivals are celebrated by almost everyone but you can give then entire team, a long week holiday. So how to manage this issue with CuteHR?
  • Solution: Tracking holiday of each employee is very important. With CuteHR Leave policy addition, you can allow employees to take a definate amount of holidays or do a pre planning of holiday to avoid mismatches in holiday calender with rest of the team member. This way you can track the approximate number of headcounts that can be available even during festive weeks. It will help the organization to manage the business deadlines and target accordingly. 

Scenario 2: Holiday leave policy and head counts.

  • Problem:  Organizations have issues regarding what kind of holiday should be provided and who to calculate head counts. 
  • Solution: With CuteHR, you can easily get headcounts data on daily basis. You also have options to get live view of works being done by employees. Secondly, you can update leave policies according to whatever term you wish the policies to be defined. For example half day, Full day leave etc etc. This way, you can define employee leaves and can prepare their invoice and payrolls. 

Likewise many other business solutions can be meet with CuteHR complete packpage which is completely free for small businesses that needs a saas for their HR. 

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