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Project Manager

Manage and track all your ongoing projects and keep records of completed projects using CuteHR Project Manager Feature.

cutehr project management system

Project Management Benefits

With Addition feature, now you can add as many projects that your company is handling so that the projects can be managed with proper allocation to the concerned resource. You can manage your client and assign task client wise. 

Assign all the functional and non functional projects to the team and resources so as to track the project target completion and deadlines.

Keep the perfect timelines set for all projects and track your resources daily target in sync with time tracker to define the project completion time and delivery.

Project Management features

Time tracker icon CuteHR

Manage New Clients

You can add new clients with new projects in order to manage their projects.

Task Management

Add new task and assign the right resources with comments, deadlines and notifications

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Project Monitoring

You can manage, monitor and estimate your project goals with cutehr

Project Manager

Resource Allocation

You can add new tasks under different projects and allocated task.

gps based time tracking

Project Notifications

While allocating tasks to the employee, you can set deadlines and set deadline notifications.

Project Reports

Get live project report and also past project report. This helps in tracking deadlines.

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More about CuteHR Project Management System

What is a Project Management System?

Project management system is a tool for business or anyone who is working on business projects with multiple clients or handling single or multiple projects. With a project management system, it gets a lot easier to collaborate and reach business goals. Project management system is generally used by businesses to handle multiple projects and its associated task in order to estimate and identify the progress of the project. 

How CuteHR Project Management System works?

CuteHR Project management system works in easy and simple manner. You just need to get into the dashboard of cutehr to get started. Let’s understand a short guide,

  1. Login to CuteHR. If you are new, you can signup for a new account. 
  2. In your cutehr dashboard, navigate to the project management table.
  3. Add your new project. ( Make sure to add clients before adding new project under your client category. 
  4. Now you can add new task under different project and allocate task to the resource. 
  5. With these activity, you can allocate task, manage project and project and monitor your goals.  

With this seamless and easy to understand dashboard, an organisation can easily manage their workforce using cutehr project management system.

What problems does a project manager solve?

Let us consider few scenarios and challenges faced by organization and how CuteHR can solve these issues?

Scenario 1: Project Monitoring

  • Problem:  We have often been hearing queries from our project clients to share progress report. Sometimes they also wish to the the project live data and estimated time of project completion which becomes an additional task for business to hire subject matter expert for reporting.
  • Solution: With CuteHR it becomes very easy to show clients, the live data of what work is being done, what are the task that has been accomplished and how much time is needed to reach goals. The helps a lot to do project planning, making growth plans and also estimate the profit and loss outcome before getting into any kind of loss in future. 

Scenario 2: Manage Resources

  • Problem:  Assigning task under project is a bit challenging when your team size is large. With large team, you cannot as everyone one by one to do a particular task. This needs to be automated. Here CuteHR becomes a life saver in task allocation while managing project.
  • Solution: With CuteHR, you can easily allocated task to the concerned team or resource with proper task details and can notify them with in built mailers. You can also choose to set deadlines for project completion for the resources working under the projects. 

Likewise many other business solutions can be meet with CuteHR complete packpage which is completely free for small businesses that needs a saas for their HR. 

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