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5 minute team building activities
22 Best 5-minute Team Building Activities For Teams

Haven't we all been there? 5-minute team building activities that were supposed to be "fast" but ended up taking agonizingly long periods? Let's admit it. Such activities kick in boredom, and boredom is setting in widely among employees these days. Not just them; managers and bosses are losing patience too! Eventually, each party wastes nothing

OD Interventions
OD Interventions: Definition, Types, Goals, and Examples

Did you know? The company's most important policy, according to 68%, is training and development. Organizational development is a well-known word and a critical organizational function. In this blog, we will explore a concept many people have heard of but are unfamiliar with.  Our goal is to present a basic understanding of organizational development, what

Christmas Gifts for Employees
27 Christmas Gifts for Employees That Will Blow Their Minds

Did you know? From 2021 to 2024, the corporate gifting market in the United States is expected to rise at an 8.1% CAGR. Even though you are not Santa Claus, your staff have worked like his elves all year to keep your firm running. You know it's time to thank them for their hard work

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