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Christmas Gifts for Employees

Did you know? From 2021 to 2024, the corporate gifting market in the United States is expected to rise at an 8.1% CAGR.

Even though you are not Santa Claus, your staff have worked like his elves all year to keep your firm running. You know it’s time to thank them for their hard work and devotion with Christmas presents for employees. 

Making sure you purchase your colleague’s things that will help them loosen up after a long week at work, make their work life more accessible, and personalize the presents is always a plus! 

But where can you discover such treasures? What are suitable stylish corporate Christmas gifts for employees? And, with Christmas fast approaching, where do you even begin? So, how about right now?

Instead of cheap commercial items, surprise your staff with meaningful, practical solutions. You may even go the additional mile with certain presents by personalizing them with corporate colors, a logo, or a unique style that truly demonstrates your admiration.

What exactly are holiday presents for employees?

During the Christmas season, organizations regularly organize their own party, invite workers, and incorporate a gift exchange as part of the festivities. A gift-giving ensures that each employee gets and presents a gift.

Companies might organize a white elephant gift exchange in which workers purchase hilarious presents for one another. Employee participation is occasionally voluntary, and the organization may limit the amount employees can spend on event presents.

The importance of presenting Christmas presents to employees

Christmas signals the conclusion of the year and the beginning of holiday vacation for employees to rest and recharge in preparation for the new year.

Christmas is also a chance for firms to keep employees engaged by promoting holiday pleasure among coworkers. According to research, the months leading up to Christmas are the most challenging for employees, with October, November, and December is among the busiest of the calendar year. Working longer hours to achieve end-of-year targets, along with the social engagements of the holiday season, may all add up.

27 Unforgettable Christmas Gifts to Delight Your Employees – You Won’t Believe

1. Christmas gift basket

To raise the bar, try giving your employees a gift basket stocked with numerous festive goodies this Christmas. The key benefit of offering such gift baskets is the ability to select numerous present products and then arrange them into a single hamper. Chocolates, excellent quality coffee, marshmallows, and other such products can be included in such a gift basket.

2. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers have long been at the top of each and every list of corporate gift ideas. It is the most adaptable present that an employer can spend on his or her employees. The nicest part about presenting gift vouchers to your employees as a Christmas gift is that they get to spend them as they choose. So, all you have to do now is choose some appropriate gift cards and present them to your employees.

3. The Bonsai Tree

The green color denotes peace, good fortune, and wellness. Green has a relaxing impact on our heads, and it can be found all around us in the shape of the environment.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for employees that promote both nature and color, a bonsai tree is an obvious choice. A bonsai tree is a little plant that may be kept on one’s desk. It would improve the appearance of the employees’ workstations and improve their attitude at work by cleaning their surroundings.

4. Paid time off in addition

Staff may see company-wide presents as an expression of thanks for their contributions, which can sometimes contribute to bringing employees together. Paid time off for all employees communicates that they worked hard throughout the period and are being appreciated with additional vacation.

Paid time off demonstrates the company’s dedication to work-life balance. A work-life balance promotes well-being, which can reduce employee turnover and boost an organization’s commitment to its personnel.

Furthermore, because its incentives are contingent on the team’s achievement, a team-oriented gift encourages employees to engage and create relationships with each other.

5. Books

You also could present books that are relevant to your workers’ hobbies as Christmas gifts for employees. For example, if a marketing coordinator enjoys history, you may offer them a book on the Revolutionary War, or a cookbook to a sales manager who enjoys culinary shows. A thought-provoking book based on an employee’s passion might enhance their view of the firm and demonstrate how much it values its workforce.

6. Electronics travel bag

If employees are regularly out of the office, a travel bag containing devices such as a laptop and a cell phone is essential. Employees must have up-to-date technology to achieve their objectives regardless of whether they’re on a plane, at a guest house, or somewhere on the street. These Christmas gifts for employees convey the message that the firm cares about giving workers the skills and resources they need to thrive at work.

7. A Wine bottle 

When you have a higher budget for Christmas gifts for employees, a beautiful bottle of wine is an excellent choice. You might also include it as an extra in your Christmas gift box for your workforce. However, before offering this, always enquire about the employees who enjoy wine and are teetotallers.

8. Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth devices can help staff locate misplaced products. Employees may link their devices and indicate if they’ve misplaced an essential item using an app included with the gadgets. Suggest that the employee try it on the business property before moving on to personal goods. They might receive the impression that the company strives to develop new ways for employees to boost their productivity.

9. Digital Picture Frames

A picture might very well express a thousand words. They carry the feelings of the person with whom they are related and keep them for a lifetime. To add to the delight, you may present your staff with a digital picture frame, which is a great Christmas gifts for employees.

10. Fitness Equipment for Individuals

If your staff are very health-conscious, you should give them personal workout equipment. This might contain a resistance band, powered twister arm, yoga mats, jump rope, and other items that allow your staff to exercise exclusively at home.

11. Stands for cell phones

Employees can use cell phone holders to place and charge their cell phones while at the office. If an employee uses their phone as part of their normal job, buy this as a holiday present. Employees can be more productive if they can readily access and utilize their phones to do important activities throughout the day.

12. Coffee machines

A coffee maker is an excellent Christmas gifts for employees who enjoy their coffee. Employees might seek other employees who use the company’s coffee machine in the morning to determine who the best candidates are for this specific present. Organizations can purchase portable coffee makers for employees who require rapid access to coffee while focusing on their work.

13. Samplers of coffee

Coffee samplers allow employees to try several varieties of coffee. Consider asking staff what flavors they prefer and personalizing your offerings to their preferences. Some samplers, for example, may have stronger flavors, while others may be fruity. Your employees can even barter among themselves to obtain their favored variations.

14. Portable Desk vacuum

A portable desk vacuum is useful for employees who enjoy cleaning their workstations Purchasing one that can clean tricky spots like beneath the computer and between buttons on a keyboard increases the gift’s value. Employees who enjoy the present can volunteer to wipe another coworker’s desk.

15. Colored Pencils in Pop Colors

Adult coloring books have been a popular office present during the last decade. While bookshops have offered adult coloring pages for years, few people had considered giving coloring tools an age-appropriate update until lately. 

Pop Colors creates pop-culture-themed colored pencils based on famous TV series such as Breaking Bad, The Lord of the Rings, Simpsons, and Parks and Recreation. Color names include puns like “we were on a grey-k” in the Friends pack and Lemonade yellow in the Beyonce-inspired “Shades of Beyoncé” collection. There’s also a maternity outfit that comes in colors like “scrubs and rubber gloves” blue.

16. Cookbooks

A cookbook is an excellent employee Christmas present for a beginner or experienced cook. Purchasing cookbooks from various locations of the world can ignite conversation and motivate staff to cook outside of the workplace. Employees might bond by exchanging recipes and giving recommendations to coworkers who enjoy cooking.

17. Spa package

A spa package is a collection of soaps, balms, and candles. This present might inspire employees to rest while they are not at work. Employees can switch boxes if they prefer one box’s aroma variety over another if they choose alternative fragrances.

18. Beer making Kit

Beer Making Kit  In recent years, there has been a movement towards from-scratch and do-it-yourself initiatives. A beer brewing kit is a fascinating and hands-on experience for individuals who are interested in home brewing but are not ready to devote the money and time required to completely commit to the hobby. 

This Brew Shop kit includes basic equipment, raw ingredients, and step-by-step instructions to assist you with the process. This present is a unique method to send a Christmas drink to your scattered team without having to deal with the headache of each state’s alcohol postal rules.

19. Gloves for Touchscreens

As the cold rolls in, employees confront the challenge of being functional while protecting their hands from freezing. Touchscreen gloves allow people to send a quick text or check their email without having to remove their gloves and face the freezing weather. 

The North Face is a master of warm yet effective winter clothing. The Etip Gloves include smartphone-accessible fingers and a textured hand grip that promises to let you grasp onto gadgets even in the slickest of situations. The wool lining on the inside of the gloves keeps hands warm, while the outside material is waterproof and moisture-resistant.

20. Essential Oil Diffusers or Humidifiers

Humidifiers or essential oil diffusers have now evolved into a need that everyone wishes to have at home and work. These diffusers assist in creating a pleasant ambiance while also keeping the air moist, which is especially important in the cold season.

Furthermore, certain diffusers contribute to environmental cleanliness by eliminating bacterial particles from the atmosphere.

21. DIY coupons

Spend much more time at home and put in more effort on those small tasks that we rarely get around to performing. Things you could overlook before, and now that you’re staring at them all day, you can’t take them out of your thoughts.

That doorway that doesn’t completely shut properly, that damaged fence panel, or that area of unfinished plaster is gradually driving you insane. Gift vouchers or gift cards to stores like B&Q, Hmscs, and Wickes are ideal for helping them get those last-minute chores done during the holidays.

22. Water infusions bottles

Providing employees with their own reusable, non-toxic bottles helps both you and your employees. They reduce waste, save money on throwaway glasses, and keep employees hydrated throughout the day. Infusion bottles also allow employees to add a touch of citrus fruit or a tea bag for a healthy-flavored drink.

23. Portable power banks

Running out of battery is inconvenient, but so is hauling around a massive power bar all day. A portable power supply allows your environmentally challenged employees to stay connected without lugging around a heavy battery.

24. Usable Tote bags 

Attractive tote bags are terrific Christmas gifts for employees and are handy all year. We all want to produce less waste, but that means carrying more things with it together.

Backpacks aren’t always a fashionable option, but totes are. A recommended fiber tote is an excellent present for someone tired of hauling about a soiled Bag for Life.

25. Notebooks with Initials

Notebooks are an essential workplace supply. Customized notebooks are another excellent method to instill a sense of belonging among your staff. As a result, it’s another wonderful present option if you want to properly give your colleagues this Christmas on a small budget.

26. Pencil/ Pen Holders

Pen theft should be considered human behavior. How frequently do you lose your pen and then have to purchase a new one or get one from a coworker? Most of us would probably agree with the response “Most of the time.” To avoid this difficulty, you may also give your staff pen holders this Christmas.

27. Stress reliever balls

Stress balls are thoughtful Christmas gifts for employees who may be stressed at work. Employee involvement can increase if they have a healthy outlet to provide themself with es more strength while easing stress.

Christmas gifts for employees should be avoided at all costs.

Unless you’re thinking of very poor present ideas, it’s the thought that matters. Worse, if you do not even think about anyone at all. If you want to give decent Christmas gifts for employees, avoid this junk.

1. Food and drink that is cheap and uninteresting

Anyone may stroll into a supermarket and purchase a Milk Chocolate bar. It’s not intriguing, insightful, or noteworthy. If you’re at a loss for what to present someone, get them a nice gift card instead of a Chocolate bar.

2. Being overlooked

Forgetting to purchase presents for certain employees is a mini-morale catastrophic disaster. This is especially true if they are remote or migratory. They’ll already be on edge about not being in the workplace, and being ignored complicates that sense.

3. Cash

Cash is old, reliable, and dull. No one dislikes having extra money, but cash is not a good Christmas gifts for employees. Especially in firms where year-end incentives are the standard for sales team achievement objectives.

4. Books about self-help

Think like a monk may have dramatically transformed your life. However, do not put pressure on others to “improve” themselves. It’s quite patronizing and not particularly thrilling during Christmas.

5. Funny gifts

They can indeed work, but it’s best to avoid these, except you truly know them. This is especially true if you are the boss. Remember that you are “mocking people” as an employer. You have influence or power over your employees, and what appears to be innocent to you might come across as a dig on someone’s job or position in the organization.

Wrapping It Up

Whatever Christmas present you offer to customers or workers, remember that it should make them happy. The goal is to convey joy and make them feel valued. The message behind the gift is more important than the price of the gift. 

Everyone, from team members to business partners, should feel like a child on Christmas morning. These are the folks that keep your firm running, and small gestures could go long way towards creating or maintaining a positive working relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I offer presents to work-from-home employees?

When it comes to Christmas gifts for employees, don’t forget about your remote employees or workforce. Even if they don’t witness the presents being presented, they will hear about them through coworkers. Sending an eGift or digital incentive is the most convenient method to deliver Christmas presents to workers who work from home. 

These can be distributed in the form of multi-retailer vouchers, allowing your employees to select their own present from a variety of popular merchants, food shops, and activities. Personalized notes from the employee’s immediate manager and CEO can also be simply added to eGifts.

2. How much should you spend on your Christmas gifts for employees?

Employee presents should cost no more than $100. Spend the same amount of money on each employee even during vacations if you have more than one. Gifts for a personal assistant, chief advisor, retirement, achievement, or an award are occasional exceptions.

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