ways to celebrate employee appreciation day

Employee appreciation day is a holiday widely recognized in several countries like the United States of America and Canada. Created in 1995, it remains an official holiday. The date of this holiday is the 1st of every march.

Employee appreciation day today provides an opportunity for companies or organizations to show their appreciation to their employees. The employee appreciation day is also an opportunity to recognize and reward the efforts and contributions of employees to the growth of a company.

Benefits of Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day.

Some significant benefits of celebrating employee appreciation day include:

  • Expressing gratitude is one of the best ways to increase productivity. When your employees know they are appreciated, they tend to know their hard work is not going unnoticed and tend to want to work harder.
  • If a company wants to retain the best talents, the satisfaction of their employees goes a long way towards achieving this. Studies have shown that employees tend to remain in companies/organizations where they feel loved and appreciated.
  • When a company recognizes employee appreciation day, this serves as a source of motivation in the workplace, which increases morale and employee engagement.

Therefore, what are the best ways of recognizing the efforts of your employees on employee appreciation day?

Plan Games and Socialize

Plan Games and Socialize on employee appreciation day.

The employees can be engaged in a planned set of games which can provide opportunities for them to get to know each other in a fun setting. This activity introduces healthy competition and encourages new ideas. Games on employee appreciation day also serve as a means for them to see themselves in a whole new light.

This plan goes further to improve bonding between employees, which creates a sense of belonging which can foster efficiency in the workplace.

Gift Swag Bags

Employee appreciation day can serve as an excellent opportunity for employers to say thank you by using actual physical gifts. If there is one thing employees loves so much, it is a gift. Employers can give simple tips such as snacks candy, clothing, lunch boxes which can be company branded to increase the satisfaction of the employees and togetherness.

On employee appreciation day, some gift treats like gift cards and experiences can be shared among employees like an outing at a local restaurant, massage centers, or coffee shop.

Employers can also show they take the health of their employees seriously by giving away gift like a pedometer to remind them to stay healthy. Gifting other health-related experiences like a complimentary pass to a nearby gym, or yoga can also show your employees you care for physical wellbeing.

Gift vouchers like a shopping spree at a local shop can also be used to show appreciation.

Some companies also go as far as asking what type of swag they want. This method enables them to give just the right kind of loot, which can increase the loyalty of the employees.

Gifting promotions on Employee Appreciation Day

Employers can go a step further on employee appreciation day by the announcement of promotions for some well-deserved employees. This promotion serves as one of the simplest means of recognizing and showing gratitude to all the hard work they have been putting in.

This practice goes on to introduce healthy competitions between teams or employees, which increases efficiency and productivity.

Making it Personal

This appreciation is by expanding the range of gratitude towards the employee’s family on the employee appreciation day. Employers can gift the whole family a bouquet, a hamper of fruits and cookies, or even a picnic basket. Every employee has a spouse, and a loved one or family. By so doing, companies or organizations can show that they are not only about their employees but also about the people who are important to them.

Provide a lunch Experience.

provide a lunch experience on employee appreciation day.

On employee appreciation, day companies can provide a catered lunch for their employees. Further activities after lunch such as listening to a lunchtime concert, joining a local walk tour, or going to a bike ride, have proven to have work-related benefits. Companies can also take employees into town to a local newspaper or some other event that could be a good fit for the outing.

Taking on a field trip

Take your employees on a field trip on employee appreciation day.

Companies can organize a field trip to a park, a botanical garden, or a local museum on the employee appreciation day. It will work as a break for them on working days and reduce holiday or unnecessary leave of absence request. This approach can be an opportunity to communicate with the community and know your neighbours.

This method increases the morale of the employees while creating a fun-filled and memorable day.

Employee happy hours

Companies can throw an employee happy hours on the employee appreciation day. This practice creates a relaxed atmosphere and serves as an opportunity for positive staff interactions.

Team members can use the happy hours to relax and reduce stress; this can contribute to good company culture. This method can go on to increase productivity and team spirit. During happy hours, the company or organization can organize foods, barbeque, and drinks for their employees.

Hosting of employee happy hours could exclude some individual so an early work closure might be needed to include as many employees as possible.

Before throwing employee happy hours, a company should weigh the benefits against its disadvantages as some workers might be sensitive to certain activities during the happy hours. Happy hours enable employees to know something new about each other.

Get creative

Companies can introduce some creative outlets outside work activities. Companies can organize fun hobbies such as workshops on cooking, painting flower arrangement. This approach allows the employees to chill out and do something they may consider as productive outside work.

Creating many alternatives increases the chances of everyone participating in activities they enjoy.

Saying a simple thank you

say thank you on employee appreciation day

Sometimes it is just simple enough to say a heartfelt thank you. These individuals can feel that this explains things in simple terms rather than extravagant displays. They will be glad and appreciate a simple thank you on the employee appreciation day.


In summary, employee appreciation day is an ideal occasion for companies to appreciate their staff and encourage them to reach their potential. Taking time through the busy work schedule to say thank you and making your employees feel valued increases productivity. This practice also allows companies to retain their best talents. It also goes a long way in creating an excellent reputation for the company. This practice, in turn, attracts many job seekers, which increases the chances of gaining some exceptional talents from the human resource market.

Having a good reputation also goes further in creating a pleasant atmosphere which attracts investors, thereby increasing the profit and growth of a company.

Companies or organizations should celebrate employee appreciation day with the fact that they cannot achieve anything without faithful and hardworking employees.


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