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Employee Efficiency

Employees play an active role in your business growth. If we consider the world’s average, you will find that every week, your employee spends more than 40 hours of efforts in the office. Quite long stay. Isn’t it? But, what’s the worth of that time? Is your business converting a value from the time spent? does your employee efficiency contribute to your growth?

Spending more time in the office doesn’t guarantee employee efficiency and better productivity. So how to get value for time? In this article, we will be sharing you top 5 ways that can help you get answers for all your questions regarding improving employee efficiency.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency

  1. Match Your Employee Skills With The Project
  2. Improve Communication And Interactions
  3. Eliminate Unproductive Tasks to Improve Employee Efficiency
  4. Give Feedbacks
  5. Allow Working Flexibility To Improve Employee Efficiency

1. Match Your Employee Skills With The Project

Employee Efficiency

Consider yourself as an employee. You know what you are good at. You have some killer skills with which you can boost the workflow and get better results. What if I tell you to do some off-track project that requires only 50% of your skill sets and rest is just a repetitive task?

  • You will deliver 50% lesser interest in that job.
  • You may lookout for more avenues to sharpen up your skill.
  • Now, you will be physically present in the office location but 50% of your brain would be mentally gone somewhere else.

This regards the employee efficiency and your value for time doesn’t show a growing graph to the company or organization. So, whenever you hire an employee for work or assign projects to your team member, make sure to match the skill sets with the work being allocated.

2. Improve Communication And Interactions

According to a recent study done by McKinsey, it was found that “emails can take up nearly 28% of an employee’s time”. When you communicate with your team or employee, have a productive and time saver technology. This saves time.

  • Try having one on one communication if possible.
  • Set meeting schedule for all communication.
  • Use networking tools inside your office workplaces to have a direct chat for communication.
  • Keep emailing as a communication channel only for project allocations or information.

With these smart communication assets, your employees can save effective time and you can observe the employee efficiency improving.

3. Eliminate Unproductive Tasks to Improve Employee Efficiency

You need to identify the grey area where some of the job done is not required. For example, your employee is sending time on preparing reports from analytics on a daily basis but the results can be tracked on a dashboard. Why make a daily report on that?

You can fix that to weekly report meanwhile keep an eye over the dashboard. This will save time. You can use project management tools to keep a track of unproductive work done on a daily basis and identify what needs to be checked.

Eliminating unproductive task will improve employee efficiency as

  • You will save productivity time to channelize it in the right projects.
  • The employee skills would be harnessed with better productivity.
  • The value of time spent in the workplace will have healthy contributions.
  • You will create a better work-life balance for your employee as he/she would be working with the satisfaction of better project completion.

Having a check would see a growth in productivity and improved employee efficiency.


4. Give Feedbacks

We all love to know how good we are doing in our work, It helps you improve and perform better. Giving feedbacks would help your employee understand what they are excelling in and which areas do they need to improve.

You as a manager or a mentor, can guide them to a better role and improve employee efficiency. It may happen that your employees need a little bit of guidance which you can give them. This will save time as they will get a resource without much research and quickly improve their skills where they are lacking.

As a mentor, you can suggest your employees to read internet resources where they can study all their interesting feeds on a single platform. So if we sum up, giving feedback will help you in improving employee efficiency as

  • It will save time on improving the shortcomings of employees as you can quickly mentor your employee.
  • Encourages a culture of open dialogue that will allow for continued development over time.
  • Giving feedbacks would help the employee to create better rooms for creativity.

Encouraging employees with good and bad feedback should only be done with a vision to improve employee efficiency. It should not be done with the intention of discouragement. These ways will show good results and better employee engagement.

5. Allow Working Flexibility To Improve Employee Efficiency

Have you ever supported “work for home” facilities for your employee? You know, it works when we talk about improving employee efficiency. According to a study by new york times, having smart telecommunication to get your employees to work from home has 13% better employee efficiency than compared to in house employees.

You can use this work from home opportunity for employees who are sick but working on major projects which can’t see a delay. For suppose you are asking a sick employee to come to the workplace and work. Do you think is productivity would be as good as the time he/she was fit? Even if his/her productivity is great, they may be a concern for their colleague working nearby their desk.

Directly or indirectly, someone’s productivity may get hampered. Meanwhile, when you allow work from home under such cases, the employee can bring a break down of working times as to when he feels better, he/she will choose that time to work else take rest.


These top 5 ways can help you improve employee efficiency and better business productivity. Small and little steps also matter. For every smart way that you implement to scale your business, it takes to a better rising graph towards goals accomplishment. Without employee satisfaction and better workplaces, having employee efficiency at pace is quite difficult. Always look for the better opportunities that give high-quality productivity and keep scaling your business.

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