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employee portal best features

Employee portal is a platform that connects everyone in an organization under one head. Having an intranet makes a well-organized workflow and improve employee engagement. If you are planning to have the best employee portal in your business then you must look for the best features.

Your employee portal is the medium through which everyone connects. It must be secure, user-friendly and also have good integration capacity with future needs. The benefits of having a portal are immense therefore many new businesses are taking a step forward for it.

Top 10 Best Employee Portal Features You Must Look For:

We will tell you the top 10 features that you should consider integrating into your employee portal. Let’s have an overview.

  1. Document Management.
  2. Event Management.
  3. Social Connects.
  4. Internal Job Openings.
  5. Extensive Search.
  6. Company’s Policy and Procedure.
  7. Latest News about Company.
  8. Workflows.
  9. Product and Service Information.
  10. 3rd Party Integration.

1. Document Management In Employee Portal

Businesses are moving towards paperless generation. With automation overpowering, the technology, fast and quality access to data is the need of the hour. Under such a dynamic future, a revolution into data management is forecasted. Companies are working more on online spreadsheets, docs, and slides. With SAAS demands to increase worldwide, having a feature like a document manager well integrated into the employee portal is very essential.

Having the document safe and secure gives the employee and the team, a better sense of organized structure. Sharing information, making a discussion on the worksheet, tracking the documents and many more great facilities get the team engaged more into the work and hence increasing employee engagement. You must prefer adding document management feature to your employee portal.

2. Event Management

Whether we take small, medium or big sized business, events always happen in and around the companies. These events can be formal events, fun events, business events, cultural sharing events or anything. Events are the most engaging activities in any organization. To host an event successfully, you need to inform things in advance. Here, event management plays a vital role in any organization.

The event management system in an employee portal keeps everyone updated about events that happened or going to happen in the company. Creating and Managing events by the event management team of the company gets easier with this digital feature. With event management, you can create better employee engagement by posting upcoming fun events. This will create a good community and people would love to collaborate and create ideas out of the box.

3. Social Connect

There can be many employees working as an outsource partner for various projects. With social connect option, these offshore people get a chance to connect with other people in the organization under the employee portal. This creates a good work culture as it makes them feel part of the company because they get a chance to reach people virtually.

By allowing for social intranet tools, companies can direct the focus of their employees without sacrificing the utility of social media. This reduces the use of social media by an employee during work hours. People using social media during work hours can affect productivity directly and quality indirectly.

employee portal internal job posting

Having a social connect create a sense of responsibility, belongingness and help create a good place to work at.

4. Internal Job Openings In the Employee Portal

People working in an organization are visionary. They expect growth both in terms of learning as well as earning. That’s why companies prefer keeping such employees into their squad for a longer time. People keep on changing roles internally in the company’s department leaving vacancies. With good Internal job opening features on the employee portal, other employees can track the openings available. They can match their skills and apply.

If their skills don’t match with the internal job openings then they can start upgrading themselves for future opportunities. This is the best way to keep your employees more aware of industry demands and encourage them to be more dynamic in skill acquiring.

This can go another way round too. You can encourage employees to refer people for the openings and get the best candidates and reduce the money spent on recruitment.

5. Extensive Search

A search option in the employee portal can reduce complications. To grill down the required information from so many resources available into the employee portal, a search will make work easier. This will increase the employee speed to search because of which they will trust using the portal for all their needs.

employee portal search bar feature

6. Company’s Policy And Procedure

A business is run on many policies. When we talk about the HR policies, it has many questions that an employee always looks for an answer. For example, the procedure to apply for long leave, or any disciplinary procedure to follow in the office. Other policies may include the use of the internet in the company’s system or having a party or drinks inside the campus of the company. Many procedural rules are expected to be followed in an organization.

To meet an answer to these questions, a well-documented employee portal will be helpful. Having a section of policies and procedure will help the employee carry a better work culture.

7. Latest News About Company

The employee portal will be more transparent if the employee gets daily news about everyday happenings. For example news about latest tie-ups that the company underwent. The awards and honours happening in the company or any new stuff that will encourage the employee to take career-oriented steps that could be productive for the organization.

News article on the employee portal will also help the employee know more about the company. It will create a better employee-employer relationship that will create an everlasting bond and trust. If possible, make these news update subscribed by the employees with their email Id so as to stay updated. Hence, getting company updates to feature into the portal will be a smart decision.

8. Workflows

Good workflow makes it easier for the team to collaborate on a particular task. With great collaboration, a better output is expected. There are many benefits that can help, contribute to production like

  • An employee can get into new ideas and outcomes while collaborating.
  • Getting more structured documentation becomes easier.
  • Having a discussion at any location becomes possible.
  • Project tracking becomes smooth and converges to a defined target.
  • Task allotment and schedules get a good shape.

According to a survey on workflow management systems in an IEEE journal, it shows that 94% of the companies deliver the project on time using Workflow management systems. So, if you expect a team in your organization to surpass great records and deliver world-class benchmarks then integration workflow is the best option.

9. Product And Service Information

The people who are part of your team or organization are the member of your community. Get them aware of what products or services are winners for them. This is an encouraging and motivational factor towards contributing more.

Your employee portal should have the product and service updates. The employee must be able to see how the company is climbing the ladders of success. They feel more secure working in a growing industry.

10. 3rd Party Integration In the Employee Portal

Get the integrational setup options in your employee portal if you don’t have. This is way more important than any feature that you can expect to have. Having a 3rd party integration helps your employees streamline their work. To do that, they look for tools that can make it easy for them to improve their documents, data, etc.

For example, if a company is using Google sheets ( Not an intranet, taken for example ) to track project and employee’s daily production, utilization and quality then having a third party integration in google sheets makes it easier for the sheet manager to add more features.

Similarly, if your employee portal has a worksheet where the teams are collaborating for a particular task, having a third party integration enables a person to get more tool integration to design a better workflow.

It keeps the work structure refined and users are retained to using it as per their choice.

Conclusion About Having An Employee Portal

The top ten features above can make your employee portal perfect for use. Having good features for the employee in the portal make them comfortable with the work culture. The communication is improved and collaboration gets a new picture.

If you are facing poor production and workflows, get these features added. If you want a secure and fast IT support for your team, employee portal is for you. The best thing you can do with your employee portal is to match your employee needs with it.

Employee portal is the best way to drive more engagement and innovation. Each business can have different requirements. You must tailor your needs according to that. Having a well-equipped employee portal is key to organizational success.


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