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how HR Software can change business

The rise of technology has brought about many advantages and challenges to businesses, and the HR department is not immune to those. One of the major trends in the area of human resource management is the use of software to help manage various processes. But what do these technological advancements really bring to the table? Below are some of the ways that an HR software can change your business.

Help HR streamline their processes

While every HR unit in all companies shares similar processes, they would have their own unique way of doing some things, too. That is why they need a cloud HR software to meet their flexibility requirements for them to streamline their processes.

It can digitize the time-consuming paperwork associated with recruitment, payroll, benefits administration, and other tasks. The result would be smoother procedures that are efficient as well as effective because HR professionals can access the data they need from a single interface. On top of that, they can tailor the application to their needs so that it works for them and not the other way around.

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However, there is more to an HR application than streamlined workflows. It also offers huge savings. PeopleStrong conducted a survey of Indian organizations and found out that these entities could save $600 million per year by the year 2021 if they started using advanced HR innovation. If you do the same with your company, then you are likely to save more, too.

Facilitate workers’ time management

Another advantage HR software solutions bring to the table is time savings. Powerful tools come equipped with employee time tracking, project, and task tracking, and project work duration tracking capabilities. Employee time tracking makes it easier for the HR unit to calculate payroll when they have accurate records of workers’ time ins and time outs. 

Moreover, team managers can push their members to become efficient and productive by allocating fixed hours on tasks and projects. This does not mean having them log in more hours, because Business News Daily cites in an article Kelly Allder, an executive at Ceridian, as saying that more hours does not equal productivity. 

Instead, what you can do is find out the times when your employees are most productive. says in a piece about productivity that the average worker is fruitful on the job for 2 hours and 53 minutes. This is the window when managers can put more on the plate of their team members to maximize this time. 

This way, they can help the company save productive hours and train their staff to be focused on work.

Make projects achievable

There is no reason for time and project management to be separate from an HR program. When you choose a vendor that integrates such functions, you can save on technology overhead costs and streamline interconnected processes like time management and payroll. 

These modules are available to team leaders for them to delegate tasks with ease as well as to create achievable project goals. This is also where they can view and manage their clients’ data as well as their requirements for the project. By using project management tools, it is easier for the team to keep track of tasks without compromising on the quality. 

Empower employees to manage their info

Even if you are not familiar with the terminology, you are most likely using tools in the cloud. These are software and apps that you do not have to install on the computer. Instead, you can access them using a modern web browser. 

Unbeknownst to you, you and your workforce are benefiting from the XaaS model advantages such as being empowered to oversee your information by yourselves rather than having other people do it for you. 

This is something that a human resource management system software can offer, especially when it is a cloud-based application. Vendors can provide a portal for employees where they can log in to view their hours as well as lodge leave requests. With this portal, they can also review and edit their personal details whenever there are changes in their telephone and mobile numbers, addresses, and contact persons. 

While this is beneficial for employees because they can have control over their information, this is advantageous for your HR team, too. They no longer have to deal with mundane tasks such as keeping employee records up-to-date. Instead, they can focus on job responsibilities that are critical to the company’s operations.

Keep the workforce updated about events

Do you keep your workforce updated regarding important company events? If you do, do you do it via email or instant messaging tools? In that case, you may be interrupting the productivity of your workforce. What you can do is put it up on the company’s public calendar that your employees can check on their own time. 

Furthermore, this allows them to see whether there are holidays coming up for them to adjust their priorities and ensure that critical deliverables are taken care of before the holidays. 

HR and workforce management in one

Separate tools for managing related things in your business can take a lot of effort to use. Instead of making things more efficient, this practice can actually make your workflow more convoluted.

When looking for an HR software vendor, you have to prepare a checklist to help you decide. As long as it meets your every requirement (including your budget level!), then you can get on board with it and begin revolutionizing your HR processes as well as your employees’ productivity. 


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