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Hr Blogs

In the beginning, whenever people discuss the topic of HR, it was mostly offline. Issues centred around leave, payroll, policymaking, training, and recruitment were only in the paper and publications. We were hoping for the best, and things changed. Technology and social media happened, and as a result, there was a need to evolve with the world. Reading on HR blogs and contents began to change too, and technology opened up a whole new world of opportunities. Readers now have direct access to information without having to wait for a magazine or publication to cross their desk.

Today, many HR blogs assist you in building your knowledge base. However, you get the right knowledge by connecting with the right HR blogs. Perhaps you are searching for insightful HR information, or maybe you’re just looking for recruitment advice. The question is, how do you want to locate the right blogs with the right content for you?

Choosing the right HR blog to read from a list of many fantastic HR blogs can be time-consuming. In this post, we’re going to make things easy by picking out the top HR blogs you need to be following so that you can keep up-to-date with the industry. 

When I Work

When I Work blog page offers creative and transformative articles that help managers and employees work better together. This HR blog focuses on giving a solution to challenging problems that come with a managerial position. Additionally, they help HR professionals sharpen their management skills with their content. Looking to create an entrepreneurial culture that inspires your team and make them do their best job? When I Work is a one-stop answer for you


cutehr hr blog

As the name goes, cutehr is one of the most updated hr blogs worldwide. With dedicated HR who are passionate about writing, backing the hr blog, it is one of the most technologically sound blogs in the HR industry. If you are looking to study about hr policies being followed worldwide, employee-centric article, if you are fond of scaling business with powerpack hr trends then you must land to this HR Blog.


snacknation logo

With its primary writers as Emil Shour, Jeff Murphy and Ashley Bells; SnackNation has a track record of helping companies improve workplace culture. Also, this HR blog helps explore new workplace wellness and increase employee engagement. Although, this blog not being one of the HR orthodox blogs still provides essential information to HR professionals. With recognition from LA business Journal, entrepreneur, ink magazine and Inc.; SnackNation blog is the right choice for employees trying to create a happy and healthy office environment. 

Ask a Manager

Ask a manager is an HR blog with result-oriented strategies. Apart from having its roots in answering questions, its manager provides consultancy to individuals in the areas of hiring, firing, promoting, and managing. They provide high-effective strategies that offer insight into how managers and interviewers think, and use that to help you navigate workplace weirdness. If you’re not sure how to deal with your manager, how to ask for a raise, or whether you might be in danger of getting fired; this blog provides answers.


In any workplace, managers are bound to have a series of questions on topics of immigration, unions, discrimination, or harassment. We can’t expect every manager to have full knowledge of employment law. As a manager, this HRhero HR blog provides expert analysis, guidance, training, and tools for you and your team. With a wide array of information and resources made available, readers can find useful solutions to HR issues they might be facing.

Undercover Recruiter

HR blog focused on recruiting and talent acquisition. Over the years, Undercover Recruiter has turned to a go-to publication for over half a million HR-focused professionals. With contents from diverse perspectives; this HR blog provides insight into roles involved in the recruiting and hiring process. Undercover Recruiter gives access to recruiting technology, interview methods, and the HR industry trends, among others. So, for individuals willing to make their hiring process effective, and look at what the experts in the field are doing; this blog is a go-to. 


workology hr blogs

One of the best HR blogs in our list that you can always hope to get new information from each time you log in. Workology, formerly known as Blogging for jobs, is a destination for trends, tools, and case studies for HR recruiting professionals and business leaders. Contributions on the blog are from over a hundred writers addressed to people who want to improve their organization’s human capital. This HR blog provides HR workers and job seekers with advice on how to increase their skills in the industry.

HR Zone

hr zone hr blogs

HR Zone has its content written by leaders, commentators, and consultants in the HR industry. This HR blog is trusted to offer advice, guidance, and opinions on how to shape the working life of a modern HR professional. In case you find yourself on this blog, later on, you can expect regular streams of articles, research, and premium reports from HR professionals and business leaders.


fond hr blogs

Employees are valuable assets to any organization, and no company has suffered for keeping its employees happy, motivated, and productive. However, getting ideas on how to keep employees valued might not come that easy. Fond is one of the top HR blogs that educate HR managers on ways to reciprocate employees’ commitment to the organization. On this HR blog, HR professionals will find useful content ranging from employee recognition ideas through to ways of boosting workplace morale.

Get Hppy Blog

hppy hr blogs

From what this HR blog did with their name, it is obvious this blog provides information on workplace happiness and mentoring. In need of fantastic ideas from a fresh perspective, you can implement in your office? Get Hppy Blog has employee-centric topics that answer your most pressing questions about employee happiness.

HR Capitalist

“I work for a living and believe that the key to great business result is to get great people. Then do cool stuff to maximize their motivation, performance, and effectiveness once you have them in the door.”

These are words from Kris Dunn, HR capitalist writer, who has led HR practices in Fortune 500s and venture capital-held startups. This HR blog is out to offer frank advice that benefits HR practitioners. If you want a transparent blog, you can learn from; you might want to consider HR Capitalist. 

Everyday People

Still facing little problems? Everyday People is another HR blog that site instances of issues you might be facing in your organization. And on the other hand, give tips for solving those problems. The author of this blog incorporates his own life experiences into his illustrations. He shares his thoughts, ideas, perspective, and ideas creatively to impact new HR professionals.

HR Bartender

What was started and now managed by Sharlyn Lauby, an HR pro turned consultant, is built to give people helpful and detailed information.  Just like you get from your favourite bartender, this HR blog provides a friendly environment to discuss work issues and get practical advice. You can find almost anything you want to know about HR on this blog, all written with honesty that will leave you yearning for more. A blog filled with a casual tone, engagement, laughter, advice, and encouragement you might want to try out. 

Evil HR Lady

evil hr lady hr blogs

There’s a widespread belief that HR personnel has evil in their job description. This belief explains the choice of the name of this HR blog. In her words, Suzzane Lucas said she’s out here to demystify the Human Resources Department and tell people about the ‘more’ going on behind the scene than what people know. She has written in-depth on a variety of HR topics and her blog, most likely, has an answer to that question you have.


Hr blogs bamboohr

BambooHR offers a blog where readers can learn from experts.  They provide answers to professionals and managers on topics ranging from HR strategies to best practices and HR trends and developments. An HR blog focused on the success and happiness of its readers, helping them to succeed. We strongly recommend BambooHR if you care about high-level advice and actionable trends. 

Great Leadership HR Blog

Leadership isn’t about doing what is to be done; Leadership is about inspiring your employees and taking care of customers, employees, and even the company at large. This HR blog focus on helping leaders and aspiring leaders to establish and improve their leadership abilities. Great Leadership is owned and managed by Dan McCarthy. Dan is a leadership and management development expert with expertise in areas including leadership coaching, training, and consulting. This information should give you an idea of what to expect from this HR blog; practical and easily applicable advice.

HR Timers

HR Timers is an exclusive blog for Which talks about human resource and its related bundle of articles. It generally shares articles and blog on topics which are trending in Human resource industry. If you want to stay highly updated with HR knowledge then you must read it. They publish 3 to 4 great HR articles or tips.


tlnt hr blogs

This HR blog is a destination for networking, sharing best practices, and learning from each other. Today, TLNT has become the go-to information and conference source for human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting professionals. With a vast database of practitioners who share their own experiences and opinion on topics including thoughtful Leadership, news issues, technology, tips, and more. TLNT has become one of the leading voices in the HR profession, making them a one-stop HR blog for all things talent-related.


There are numerous HR blogs, and selecting the right one to read is imperative if an HR professional wants to stay up-to-date. Are you searching for insightful HR information? Looking for tips to increase your employees’ motivation? Or you want to update your role as a manager? Let the internet do the work; you can highly benefit from any of the blogs we’ve listed above. Also, learn how to start a blog successfully.

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