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HR Process

Do you know the heart of business growth? It’s the human resource planning team. Want to know how? Well, the answer is self-evident. Leaving the top order of the company, all the resources working for most of the growth activity is an outcome of hr process.

Do you remember your hiring days, trying hard to reach the HR team of your company for getting hired? Hr jobs are form and document-driven task; hence, hr professionals are entitled to manage a lot of raw data. These data are related to business resources which speak loud about business requirements and goals. When an employee gets hired after he clears all the hr process, their personal and professional details are secured and managed by the HR team. This information helps in resource management and their growth analysis for every quarter.

With growing technological trends, eliminating raw data, and repetitive responsibility can improve business productivity.  Hence, having an automated hr process is always a good step for any company. Before we understand the need to automate Hr process, we must know, “what is automation in hr?”.

Meaning of Automation in HR Process?

Before we understand automation in HR, let us know what automation itself is. Well, this is one of the hot topics of discussion in today’s technology hungry world. Automation, according to Wikipedia, is defined as “the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.” Sounds interesting. Right?

Human resource team, by the name itself, talks about human involvement. Now imagine, having hr with automation means getting work done with the least human interventions. Automation in the HR process is done with hr software, which assists the recruiting team from hiring until onboarding the candidates. The HR automation process is responsible for enhancing the efficiency of the HR department by allowing them to focus on complex tasks like strategizing and human resource planning. With automation, an organization can reduce the cost and time they spend on manual HR processing and planning activities.

Let us understand various needs to automate human resource planning. They are:

  1. Improving Productivity.
  2. Making intelligent Hr decision with data.
  3. Optimizing cost.
  4. Avoid Policy and compliance violation.
  5. Improve employee engagement.
  6. Reduced data entry errors and lost documents.

Automated Hr Process to improve productivity

improve productivity for hr process

With automation in HR, you can align all business process on a single dashboard. It is usually done with automation applications. It helps you keep a record for all business process and ongoing projects. Setting goals and the timeline for project completion become easy; hence, deadlines are met adequately. Isn’t this a prior business requirement? Indeed it is.

Data-Driven intelligent Hr decision.

hr process decision making

Handling the manual task in any hr process can be tedious. With data being so informative when taken collectively, it can fetch you useful insights. When you automate your human resource planning, you get rich data of all activities happening on your business floors. Pinning your employees and asking work updates will always give you approximated goal completions. With data extracted from automated Hr process, it shares information like

  • Ongoing projects.
  • Deadlines.
  • Project completion rate.
  • Project resources and contributions.
  • Employee work hours.
  • Tracking daily goals.

Some of these data can help Hr team identify the gap between resources, managers, and client and make intelligent decisions to make changes for better productivity and utilization with human resource planning.

Cost optimization with HR Process

cost optimization for hr process

Yes, you read that right. With automation in your hr process, you can do some significant cost-cutting in your budget. How? Let us know that.

When you implement a cloud service to automate, you reduce cost on things like colossal paperwork. It gets replaced with data storage clouds, which is way more effective than having it done on papers. Other unnecessary costs like printing documents and sending to other offices and department get eliminated. You share documents under the same cloud services that make communication and data sharing more accessible.

If your business is depending too much on paper works, then you have an excellent alternative to automate and optimize both workflows and costs.

Avoid Policy and compliance violation.

When you automate your human resource planning, you fix your policies and upload all relevant documents under policy agreement and compliance regulations page. It is accepted and abided by all working employees in your organization, which gives you an upper hand. Any misunderstandings and business disruption can be avoided if such vital resolutions of the company are made clear beforehand.

Employee Engagement Improvement.

employee engagement improvement by hr process automation

Employee engagement in business directly improves productivity. The biggest challenge for any hr team of a company is to keep its employees engaged with their work, which is more exciting and tireless. If you are an employee in any organization, you may have experienced events and award ceremony happening monthly. Quarterly or annually.

When you automate your hr process, you improve employee engagement with ways like

  1. Sending them regular updates about what’s happening in the company.
  2. Send their event reminders which can be of their interest. It motivates them.
  3. Emailers could be automated, which make employees informed about other team member availability on tasks.
  4. Birthday reminders are made easy may turn out to see some happy faces in your team.
  5. Award notifications and words of encouragement can be shared in one click. It motivates an employee to work better.

With so many good points to add, automating your hr process in your organization can end up giving excellent results regularly.

Reduced errors in data entry and avoid losing documents.

Data gets generated with daily activities and employee/employer inputs with an automated Hr application. These applications are generally cloud-based and allow data feeding accessible by all concerned authority of the business. With automation, data are produced more as compared to data fed. These data are essential for the HR team to understand and make a smart decision. The possibility of data entry error reduces as these data are processed with intelligent applications and fetched and audited by the company’s hr. Earlier, the data entry was also done manually. Hence we used to give a thought on data entry error, but with automation in hr, you eliminate any such possibility and allow the hr team to take smart human resource planning for business growth directly.

Moreover, the documents that were collected from hired employees and pilled up to store in the company’s locker get replaced with cloud storage for documents. This reduces the lost document mishaps to negligible conditions.

Final Thought

These were some of the urging needs that could be met by automation your hr process. If you are a small or medium scale business or startup, handling human resource and planning smart HR moves can be achieved switching to such automation. Growing business is close to impossible if your human resources are nothing matching their essential needs. Making a smart decision can make your business smarter. Try having an inclusion with automation and see your growth scaling exponentially.

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