Talent Marketplace
How to Effectively Use Talent Marketplace in Your Company?

Internal talent mobility is vital to 76 %, yet just 6 % believe they are appropriately mobilizing staff from one role to another. For a long time, most talent management principles were straightforward. Employees were employed to do a specific task. They had one manager, managed by someone else in the same function—to the top.

Multigenerational Workforce
How to Manage A Multigenerational Workforce?

Did you know? By 2025, Millennials Will Make-up 75% of the Global multigenerational  Workforce. They say that the only constant in life changes, and this is certainly true for the work field. For the first time in recent history, five generations may be present in the workplace at the same time. The multigenerational workforce allows

Types Of Leave
21 Types Of Leave From Work That Are Most Common in 2022

Did you know? 52 % of small business owners feel employee absences influence their company. Many organization's leave policies consist of informing their employees about their paid leave days and national holidays.  However, leave rules are more significant than you would think. Most applicants who a firm is recruiting will inquire about the organization's leave

Voluntary Turnover
What is Voluntary Turnover? Meaning, Causes, and Calculation

Did you know? According to an ADP Research Institute research done in 2015-2016, the majority of sectors fell within the voluntary turnover 60-70 % range. Voluntary turnover is far more difficult to forecast because it is the consequence of an employee's decision. Voluntary turnover is expected when employees seek new opportunities or quit because they

Organizational Objectives
Organizational Objectives: Definition, Principle, Features

Did you know? 76% of organizations cascade goals. Companies that can clearly articulate their key goals are frequently better equipped to plan for the future and make strategic decisions in areas such as hiring and budgeting. Having objectives that clarify an organization's aim can help workers stay focused and foster workplace harmony. These goals should

Employee Performance Metrics
12 Best Employee Performance Metrics To Track in 2022

A new study reveals that 95% of companies admit to recruiting the wrong people each year. Every business has the challenge of gauging employee performance. A manager is confronted with this quandary and strives to determine the best manner to evaluate staff performance. In all honesty, there is no perfect method for analyzing employee performance.

Work Life Balance Quotes
78 Best Inspirational Work Life Balance Quotes For Workplace

The concept of work life balance has been front and core for businesses worldwide in today's fast-paced and highly linked professional environment. After all, 51% of people say they have missed important life events because of inadequate work-life balance. This dilemma has been reinforced significantly by the pandemic, which has increased remote work, with 29%

Employee Life Cycle
6 Stages of the Employee Life Cycle – CuteHR

Did you know? 59% of employees invest in their own upskilling, to a certain extent. Creating an engaging employee experience is one of the most important aspects of having excellent organizational effectiveness. The employee life cycle depicts an employee's level of involvement with the organization. Mapping their path inside your organization allows you to obtain

Retaliation in the workplace
Retaliation in the Workplace: Signs And How to prevent it?

According to the EEOC report, "one 2003 research indicated that 75 percent of employees who spoke out against workplace abuse suffered some type of retaliation in the workplace."  Retaliation in the workplace comes in numerous shapes, counting untrue affirmations, line examination, boycotting, outlandish teaching, and wrongful end of representatives. Not as it were, can a

Project Management Workflow
How to Create An Efficient Project Management Workflow?

Did you know 56% of companies use only one project management software?  Is it common for your initiatives to lack a sense of overall direction?  Are you frequently perplexed as to what you should do next?  You should include a project management process in your business to be more productive and efficient. This can assist

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