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HR Software Review

Human resources refer to people with a variety of skills in charge of the workforce of an office, company or any private establishment. People evolve and as a result of this giving rise to diverse, complex skills. So to ensure performance at full potential, the HR software is designed to combine different human resources and administration processes in a harmonized point. With this, the manager can also assign tasks, evaluate progress and even award the best performer. This is a highly determining stage and when you use software to do it for you, you need to have an overview of various HR software review and pricing.

Apart from this, HR software ensures the company a step ahead especially in decision-making in competitive markets. HR software packages are created to assist employees and management to perform and attain a possible height in businesses of various sizes. It is also considered a program used to increase the rate of market productivity and ensure overall unlimited satisfaction. HR software does the coordination of workforce/recruiting management, time scheduling and management, payroll solutions and strategic Human Capital management.

The  HR software provides for benefits that include the following;

Hr Software Benefits

HR Software for Employees Administration

Although, maintaining and keeping staff is essential; recruiting is very necessary to improve productivity. HR software helps you with grooming and developing recruits to grow familiar with the company policies. An HR software allows you to keep track of your employees’ career development plan. Keeping track includes gathering information on their performance training courses, keeping a record of each employee’s points for developments and conducting assessment regularly.

Features under this benefit include;

  • Applicant Tracking – this includes updates on how you find the right employees.
  • Employee Documents Database – This allows you to save all records for employee benefits

Monitoring Leaves and Absence with HR Software

Sometimes when an employee suddenly requests for holiday or sickness absence, to avoid being caught off-guard or stuck in time-consuming emails and messy files which can cause a delay in productivity. An HR software monitors leaves and absence which simplifies and automates the holidays’ plans using attendance and leave management systems; keeping track of each employee’s leave, handles holiday requests and calculates entitlements.

Features under this benefit include;

  • Absence Management – This handles the employee’s calendar effectiveness.
  • Company’s Calendar – This is the overview of upcoming holidays and upcoming events.
  • Payroll Management

Overview of Data at a Glance

Information needs to be up to date and adequate to enhance effective decision making. An HR system collects data and enables you to access it anytime anywhere you need it using document manager, at a glance and retrieve them with few clicks. This benefit allows you to see the data analysis to spot any problem. This system saves one from the troubles of having a paper-filed system with information that is difficult to extract from memory.

Features under this benefit include;

  • 360-degree overview of the workforce and their skills – employees get detailed files with all of their information and assigned duties.
  • Audit Tracks – This enables you to monitor data changes.

Hr Software secured Data Management

Customarily; office’s filing cabinets store employees’ data, but how are we sure to ascertain the fact that it is safe? HR software allows storage of all data in the cloud, allowing you to prevent unauthorized people from getting their hands on information not meant for them. Also, it ensures full knowledge of who accessed any information and when exactly. It provides for paper-free office as there is no need to print documents and training manuals. Computer or any other storage device saves data.

Features included in this benefits are;

  • Employee self-service –  This is a platform that allows and encourages employees to query any data relating to HR. Enables performing HR transactions over the system even to the extent of questioning the attendance record from the system without asking the information from HR personnel.
  • Security – This includes user authentication, data encryption and user authorization to ensure data authorized access to data.

Hr Software Saving Time And Improving Productivity

Instead of viewing spreadsheets to search for the complete information on the employee’s request status; automation through HR reduces time and efforts. It helps to be more efficient and productive with work regardless of the number of applicants recruited.

  Features under this benefit include;

  • Reminders – set reminders for activities/ events for automatic notifications.
  • Task checklist – This includes tracking to-do lists and scheduling of time to do all work correctly.

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HR Software Review and Pricing

In all of these, HR software pricing does not cost a life but worth every penny. If you are finding it difficult to choose a type of pricing plan, there are various packages, and you can find HR software within your budget. Here are compiled packages with different pricing;-

top Hr softwares

Hr Software review for Free HR Software Plans

This plan includes;

Looking for a sound HR system that does not need much penny of your budget? Free payment packages are the best pricing plan for you. Well, not completely free, but it allows you to utilize particular features of a software at no cost. Best for small businesses seeking enhancement without spending a fortune on software options.

  • CUTEHR – This cloud-based application is free for 10 users and beyond that also, the pricing is just 3$/user monthly or 2$/user annually.
  • FRESH TEAM – This plan is for businesses with under 50 employees. It is free of charge, provides referral management options and team collaboration capabilities.
  • ACTIVE TRAK – This offers a real-time activity in website blocking and data leak prevention.
  • JOBS CORE – For companies who are seldom on the lookout for new employees; jobs core may be a good option. It is an applicant tracking system used for free, given that you only have one active job opening at a time.

Hr Software review for Quote – Based Plan

This subscription package involves the complete customization of the software you wish to purchase, examples of software with pricing by quote include:

  • BAMBOO HR – This HR software provides tools for small and mid-sized business offered by-quote basis. It ensures that each company is getting a subscription plan adjusted to their specific needs for maximum satisfaction. BAMBOO HR offers a free 7days trial, so you can get familiar with it before subscribing.
  • ICIMS TALENT ACQUISITION – This is an onboard platform that offers features for more natural employee recruitment which is only by quote.
  • WORKABLE – This package offers a free 15 days trial to test out its features before asking for a quote. It’s a cloud-based recruitment platform which offers a quote-based subscription (including advanced reporting tools).

Hr Software review for Monthly Payment Plans

This subscription allows users to enjoy services the software has to offer without paying a large amount of money. It is ideal for companies who want to get premium software services but do not wish to commit to a particular program for an extended period. This subscription scheme often becomes more costly in the long run.

    Examples of software with this plan include;

  • GUSTO – An excellent platform for any business looking to have all HR functionalities in one application. It includes three programs depending on specific market tires and sizes of the market; the core plan costs $39 monthly and $6 per person, The complete plan costs $39 per month and $12 per person.
  • PLAN DAY – This platform is for enterprises and SMBs. It comes in two pricing schemes: the STARTER PLAN at the price of €2/ month and THE PLUS PLAN costing €2 /monthly. This option is suitable for those that want to keep track of financial paper-work, stored documents, employee shift, and scheduling.
  • APPLICANT STACK – Applicant Stack offers SMBs and companies pricing plans with a free trial. Offers two plans under this which are; RECRUIT PLAN: at $95 monthly and ONBOARD PLAN which cost  $135 a month. This platform is for companies looking for recruits to train and orient them.

Hr Software review for Annual Payment Plan

Are you a business owner and wish to invest more time in choosing the most suitable HR platform for your company? This plan might be the best plan for you, it includes; –

  • ZOHO PEOPLE – Includes startup basic, standard and enterprise payment plans ranging from £90 -€1,900/ year. Payment depends on the number of employees and employees profiles you wish to enroll in software. Zoho People offers 15 days trial, so you can test them out before committing to any subscription after which you may choose to upgrade/downgrade your payment packages.
  • HOUSE CALL PRO – This package offers 3 SMB and enterprise plans for users to choose. Pricing is shown in monthly rates but billed annually, and this is easier for users to budget for the subscription. Subscription includes SIMPLE PLAN, MODERN AND ADVANCED PLAN which costs $39/ month, $109/month and $199/month respectively. All package includes essential features of the software.
  • RECRUITEE – A recruitment management tool that offers pricing plans based on how many active jobs you wish to handle at a time. Are you looking to fill in no more than ten positions at a time? Opt for either PROFESSIONAL  subscription which costs $790 annually or the expert package priced at $1,490 per year. For companies looking to hire more than 20 people at a time, they also offer CORPORATE pricing that cost $2,990 per year. All payments options provide two months of free access upon registration.

Summarily, the HR software helps in taking the technology a step further. Software on the cloud can be on mobile devices, this means employees can access important information not only from their desktop but anywhere anytime via smartphone.


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