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Top 15 Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity

Productivity is always how well we pursue our goals and the focus with which we are aiming to achieve them. Proper “Time Management” is integral to attain productivity, and a well-planned and prioritized time management tips will always ensure in reaching the maximum.

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing” – Miles Davis

Time Management has always been a struggle for many of us. We all get the same 24 hours of the day to use. With some people, the day ends at a high energy note after completing what they had planned for the day. With rest others, it’s a feeling of discontent as they couldn’t finish what they had planned. What differentiates the two sets of people is the Time Management design each used to accomplish their targets. I am quite sure you must be looking for those golden time management tips that can end your day with higher productivity.

Now the big question is, “how do I become successful in effective Time and project Management?”. The first thing is, ‘Don’t Procrastinate to plan’ and structure your time.” Let us know what is time management before knowing time management tips.

What is Time Management?

Time management is an art of processing multiple tasks in the most effective way such that the goals are met under the requisite timelines. Management of time helps you to work smarter – not harder so that your output is more with fewer efforts. Time management enables you to get the job done even under stressful and tight workload pressure.

With good time management, you can archive

  • Better productivity and amazing output efficiency.
  • Good professional reputation and trust in your service sector.
  • You will find an increment in your opportunities to avail professionally.

If you fail to manage your time well, you see unforeseen situations like

  • Incomplete projects until the deadline day,
  • Disrupted workflows.
  • Poor work quality as your output which can destroy your reputation.
  • Increased stress towards work that can lead to mental disturbance.

Don’t worry, we have got the 15 Time Management tips, which can help plan and manage your day efficiently to boost productivity. Let’s find them here.

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Probe Your Time
  3. Prioritize – Time Management Tips
  4. Time Budget
  5. Multitasking Doesn’t Help. We Are Not Superheroes
  6. Rest, Release, and Energize
  7. Choose The Toughest When You Are Most Productive
  8. Review Routine
  9. Reduce Social Media Binge
  10. Room For Contingency
  11. DE Clutter Workspace
  12. Stop Overcommitting To Yourself
  13. Delegate The Unimportant
  14. Bite-Size Your Tasks
  15. Creating The Wealth of Health
  16. 1. Goal Setting

    Goal setting

    Set SMART GOALS (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). The number one time management tips for effective utilization is to set your goals right. It is essential to set time-bound yet manageable goals. Envision what all can be accomplished in a day so that you can plan and engineer your time accordingly. It is pointless to have too much on your platter and then feel disappointed later with unfinished goals.

    2. Probe Your Time

    Start to analyze how your current portion of time gets spent. At times, much of the time gets wasted and misused in attending to unimportant tasks. As a result, the assignment that would have been the priority moves to the back burner.

    3. Prioritize – Time Management Tips

    prioritize as time management tips

    You can’t do everything in a single day. So, distribute your day by aligning your attention first on the crucial tasks. Have a clear purpose of finishing your assignments in mind. This will help you to differentiate the important from the unimportant

    A simple strategy matrix named as the Eisenhower Matrix can help you to decide the priority list better. You can segregate your tasks based on these four probabilities :

    UrgencyImportantNot Important
    UrgentMost important PriorityDelegate rather than spending
    your attention
    Not Urgent Can Do laterTick off from your list
    Eisenhower Decision Matrix

    4. Time Budget

    Once you have identified your priorities, set a time limit to finish them. Block a time limit so that you don’t spend your whole time focussing on just one thing while the rest that you had planned gets untried. This is one of the smartest time management tips out of others.

    5. Multitasking Doesn’t Help. We Are Not Superheroes.

    While most of us would like to assert the talent of being a multitasked, we have to know that to boost productivity we need to have a more focussed approach rather than trying to do multiple things at a time. When we try to attempt multiple things all together, we realize that our mind is already occupied with the hurry to finish one so that we can shift to another. And hence the quality of work that we want to finish gets compromised. Focus on the task at hand. Understand the depth of these time management tips and don’t believe in becoming superheroes.

    6. Rest, Release, and Energize

    Relax, rest and energize

    We can’t work all the time. Proper Time Management also calls for keeping a specific time of your day to take that necessary break and recapitalize your energy. It is equally crucial to schedule yourself for some time offs so you can release any built-up stress or worry.

    7. Choose The Toughest When You Are Most Productive

    We all have that constant time from the day when we are at the top of our productivity level. Some call themselves day cruisers, while others are night owls and prefer to sit for their most important tasks at night. Identify your peak time of productivity and take advantage of it by listing such tasks that require utmost attention for that time.

    8. Review Routine

    review routine as time management tips

    Review routine is an integral part of Time Management. Always Review your goals every week and identify if you were successful in fulfilling your tasks. This will help you to understand if you were able to stick to Time Management or if it needs re-designing. If re-designing is the answer after analysis, check other time management tips to work out things in your favor.

    9. Reduce Social Media Binge

    “If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.”
    ― Germany Kent

    reduce social media binging

    We are all Social Media bingers these days, and it has become another kind of routine in our daily lives to a more considerable extent. Social media has created a global village around us, and we all want to be a well-informed individual. But the Constant consumption of social media is leading to unhealthy life problems and is also a huge time waster. Reduce social media interruptions when you are focussing on your goals. Believe me; you will see how much we accomplish by DE cluttering ourselves of this unnecessary binging.

    10. Room For Contingency

    There will always be times when we face some unplanned and uncalled for situations that need our immediate attention. Don’t stress your mind in such situations about the planner and Time Management and include the unexpected with patience. Always keep some room to adjust your plans as per the unplanned and be flexible in all such scenarios.

    11. DE Clutter Workspace

    Trust me it gets quite frustrating wasting that valuable time in looking for misplaced items. An Effective Time Management tip is not just to organize time but also to organize the workspace around so that we don’t end up wasting time and energy in searching for things around.

    Also, even if you have tidy and organized work desks if you don’t de-clutter your email communications, much of your time will be wasted in attending to unnecessary emails. The best practice is to organize your email communication so that only a relevant portion of your time gets spent in responding to them. A few handy tips in organizing your mails include:

    • Create those necessary category folders in your inbox with labels like urgent, important or name tags to identify the priority.
    • Unsubscribe to irrelevant emails or newsletters.
    • Create templates for the nature of mails that you send regularly. You can customize it for the receiver but saves your time with a predefined outline.

    12. Stop Overcommitting To Yourself

    stop over committing yourself as one of the time management tips

    Accomplishing more than desired is fulfilling for everyone. But remember overshooting your limits can be draining and exhausting. Never overdo yourself. Set realistic goals and targets .its not always how much you succeed but also how well you finish that is important. Overcommitting and unachievable routines can disappoint you at the end. Take doable tasks on your platter and focus on doing fairness to them.

    13. Delegate The Unimportant

    Everything doesn’t need your attention. Learn to delegate tasks that are less relevant for you. This will boost your productivity as you will have sufficient time to focus on critical tasks. Learn to say’No’ when required and delegate it, which doesn’t need your attention.

    14. Bite-Size Your Tasks

    An important time management tip is to break down your large volumes of work into smaller milestones. This is helpful as you are not only able to give ample time on details but also manage them well. Take baby steps to achieve bigger goals. This way, you’ ll be boosting your productivity and creating value through your work.

    15. Creating The Wealth of Health

    “The mind and body are not separate, what affects one, affects the other”

    A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as important as any other effective Time Management tip or plan. It’s important to identify your body signals before you run down in managing the affairs of the day. Start your day early and engage in some form of exercise to boost your energy.

    Detox yourself regularly through activities of your liking like gardening, music, traveling, etc. to reenergize yourself week by week. The right measure of productivity is through the results that follow. A well-structured plan at Achieving what we endeared within a set time bracket determines the success of proper Time Management.

    Sometimes we may also need some extra help to align our schedules and plan ourselves better. There are a few excellent Time Management apps available that can assist you in organizing better and helping to plan your goals effectively. To name a few:

    1. CuteHR,
    2. Todoist,
    3. Calendar,
    4. Toggl and Many more

    Following all these Time Management tips will automatically shrink your To-Do list successfully. Always remember that there is nothing like a Perfect Outcome, and we still have the scope of making it better. Perfection is a figment of our imagination. Relax even if you make mistakes. Appreciate yourself when you achieve milestones. It is not only fulfilling but leverages your productivity to do better. Having an effective plan for Time Management is no miracle but a
    Dedicated practice to align yourself a notch closer to your goals. The secret behind The Top Time Management tip is :
    Learn and Unlearn and relearn.

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